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I love to chat to entrepreneurs about their businesses, what inspires them and how they continue to move forwards. These podcasts are those I've recorded with entrepreneurs I feel are super-inspiring and I know you'll love hearing from them. You can download them all from wherever you usually listen to podcasts too.


saima khan, the hampstead kitchen

Saima’s company creates sharing platters for some of the world’s most high profile individuals. She launched her business cooking for Warren Buffet and Bill and Melinda Gates, but that’s just half the story. We talk about how Saima maintains her incisive vision, how she uses storytelling to enhance her clients experiences and why it’s essential to say no sometimes. Saima is also a prolific philanthropist and her charity work runs throughout her business. She’s a hugely inspiring and successful woman and I hope you enjoy.


ashley jankowski, founder of braizen, swoone and the typeset co

Hugely focused, highly energetic and utterly unstoppable, this episode with the wonderful Ashley Jankowski is one that’ll have you wondering why on earth you don’t get more done in your working week. Ashley runs three highly successful businesses, employs multiple family members, homeschools their son and still manages to have the energy to think about the future. Ashley tells it like it is and I know you’ll get a lot from listening to her.


sophie robinson, tv presenter, stylist, influencer and lover of colour

‘Stay fluid and bouyant, and move with the times’ Just one of the many pearls of wisdom Sophie Robinson has to share on what it takes to run a successful business today. We talk how to make it in TV, the importance of standing out and owning your style and, of course, those earrings. You’ll love it!



In this very first episode, Fiona talks about her journey from busy florist, chasing down every enquiry to empowered, inspired floral designer.

In danger of losing the love and challenged by a number of injuries, Fiona decided to make some changes. She says ‘I didn’t feel in control of it, it felt in control of me.’ She talks about what drives her as an entrepreneur, how she stays on track and maintains her focus.


petra and henning bensland, cal reiet

‘It’s like a cocoon. You come, and you don’t want to leave. It’s a place to feel good, to feel safe and to develop’ says Henning.

At their Mallorcan agroturismo, co-founders Henning and Petra Bensland have created a paradise. A place for healing, growth and absolute relaxation. Utterly captivated by a place that has such clarity of vision, I was fascinated to find out more about how the vision came about and meet the people behind the business.


caz harrison, making waves creative

Caz's company specialises in brand and website design for consumer and lifestyle businesses and is one of the handful of tried and trusted companies I have in my little black book for client projects. As someone who produces work of an incredibly high standard, is booked up several months in advance and seems to gain sheer joy from everything she does. I thought it was high time we caught up with her to discover her secrets.



podcasts with the brand stylist

I do adore being involved in a podcast. There's something about chatting with an inspirational interviewer that just seems to be so much fun! These are some of my favourite podcasts I've been involved in over the past few years. Enjoy!



I loved meeting with Eddie and Vicki to talk all things brand, business and colour psychology. They're a really dynamic, warm and friendly pair and we had a great chat.



This podcast is without question, the one I get the most lovely comments about. Sara Tasker is a phenomenal instagrammer and all round lovely lady and in this session we talk about colour psychology, branding and self publishing.


The empowered entrepreneur

A conversation with my good friend Elizabeth Cairns to celebrate the launch of Brand Brilliance. We talk about the journey of self-publishing, what it takes to keep working to my creative edge and why I rarely plan more than six months ahead. 



I adored chatting with the irrepressible Monica-Lee about self-publishing How to Style your Brand, work-life balance and what being a mum means to me.



The fabulous Kat Molesworth and I chatted way back in 2015 about my career, colour psychology and the benefits of taking a sabbatical.

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put yourself first

Just before we broke for the Summer holidays, Kat Horrocks and I talked about creating a destination brand, fuelling your creativity and how I find a balance between work and family.