Brand vision

tuesday 19 march 2019, heckfield place, hampshire

An empowering and enlightening workshop designed to give you the confidence and know how to build a clear creative vision for your brand that will support your commercial objectives and get you to where you want to be in style. The ideal workshop for go-getters who want to get their branding right.

Brand Vision Workshop, 19 March 2019
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Utterly brilliant
— Emma Brooks, Brand Designer
If you’re about to embark on any re-branding or website set up – I can’t recommend this course highly enough for pulling your focus together.
— Sara Delaney, Notes from a Stylist

commission a brilliant brand identity with confidence

Join Fiona Humberstone and a whole host of movers and shakers in this wonderfully creative and enlightening one-day workshop that’ll give you the tools to answer with confidence the question ‘What should my brand identity look like?’.

When you’re working on something big, the pressure to get the look and feel for your brand right can be overwhelming. How do you know that what you have in mind for your brand is right? How do you draw the line between your personal taste and what your brand needs? And how can you be sure that you get the very most out of the opportunity of working with a designer?

This brand new informative and uplifting workshop will give you the vision to get your brand identity project off the ground and ready to brief your designer with confidence.

Uplifting, beautiful, inspiring
— Laura Turner, Hero

What you’ll gain

The Brand Vision workshop is a highly creative and inspiration workshop that’ll give you the confidence to move forwards with your brand identity in style. Here’s what you can expect to gain from our time together:

  • The clarity of vision to see how to translate your ambition for your business into tangible design elements that will work

  • A gorgeous mood board that’ll act as a clear reminder of where your brand is headed and keep you on track as you journey through the process

  • A clear brief ready to discuss with your chosen designer and the guidance to find the right brand stylist with confidence

  • The know-how to get the very most out of the experience of working with a brand designer, without micro-managing or alienating them!

  • The confidence to know that your creative vision for your brand will support your commercial objectives

  • The support (in the form of the follow up online course - included in the price) that you can achieve a knockout brand identity that makes your heart sing

Everything has fallen into place for me now


Your investment in this gloriously inspirational one-day workshop is £750, plus VAT for those of you within the EU.

Included in the cost of your place is a delicious two course lunch in Skye Gyngell’s Marle restaurant, plenty of tea, coffee and cake to sustain us and a whole host of surprises along the way…

Book your place today and prepare for a blast of creative inspiration and clarity of vision!


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instalment plan

250.00 every month for 3 months
Instalment Plan

also included: lifetime access to finding, briefing and working with a designer

I want this day to be an utterly inspirational, uplifting and wonderful event, and that means not overloading you with information. So rather than making this a two day course (and all the implications that would have on the price of the workshop) I’ve chosen instead to include lifetime access to an exclusive online course that will walk you through the art of finding, briefing and working with a designer with ease. You’ll have lifetime access to this content so you can work through it as often as you choose, and at your own pace. So you can nail your next brand identity with absolute confidence.


the venue

We’ll be working from one of the UK’s hottest hotel openings of 2018, Heckfield Place in Hampshire. With beautiful interiors, incredible food, majestic grounds and a clear creative vision that’s been exquisitely executed through to every last detail, this hotel embodies everything I love about the power of the brand. You can’t fail to be inspired in this glorious setting and I know we’re in for a real treat.

Should you like to stay on site, please book directly with the hotel.

heckfield place

Heckfield Place, Hampshire
RG27 0LD, England


Terms of Booking and FAQ’s

what’s the cancellation policy?

As you know, Brand Stylist events are incredible, inspirational and highly sought-after and often sell out very quickly. It’s important to us that when you book, you’re serious about taking up your place. Because if you’re not, that prevents someone else experiencing the magic, which doesn’t feel very fair.

We have a very strict and transparent cancellation policy.

We do understand that very, very occasionally you may need to cancel your place. If you cancel within one month of the workshop and are unable to send someone in your place, you will incur a 100% charge and your payment will not be refunded.

Whilst we often keep a waiting list, we will not refund your course fee if you are unable to attend: even if we fill the place.

It’s essential you are committed to attending this workshop and that you only sign up with this commitment in mind.

I’m not planning on using a designer, is this workshop for me?

Yes, definitely! If you’re planning on styling your own brand, having a clear (and commercially sound) creative vision is essential. You’ll get that and the confidence to know that where you plan on taking your brand is right for your business. I won’t be covering anything specific on how to style your own brand, so please bear that in mind, but you’ll find plenty of useful guidance in the Design for Go-Getters online course and the How to Style your Brand book.