What a week!


How are you? I've had the most incredible week up in London running my Colour for Creatives workshop and co-hosting the Flowerona Social Media for Florists workshop. We had a ball: lots of creative fun, delicious food and super naughty cocktails. Can't wait to share details next week. colour-psychology-workshop-fiona-humberstone-1

I also discovered on Monday I'd been selected as a Growth Voucher advisor which is amazing news - it means that if we work together on strategic stuff the government may fund unto 50% of your investment. Always helpful. Obviously it's a little more complex than that - but if you want to know more take a look at the Enterprise Nation Marketplace where you'll find me and more details on the scheme.

Suffice to say I'm now shattered and have lost my voice. Will be spending tomorrow lying in a darkened room...

Photography by Emily Quinton.