Top Colour Trends for 2015 and how to embrace them for your brand


Hasn't February flown past? A short month, mixed in with half term and plenty of projects to keep me busy means that this month has just whizzed by. I'm thrilled to have been asked by trend expert Gudy Herder, to write a piece for her newsletter on how you can embrace the latest colour trends for your business brand and I'm excited to be able to share a couple of them ahead of time with you today. You know I'm a huge fan of colour, and specifically, colour psychology. Colour helps you communicate at an instinctive, subconscious level. It helps you send out the right messages about your business and sell more stuff, which has got to be a good thing, hasn’t it?

Colour trends in branding

Following trends is a bit of a double-edged sword when it comes to branding. You need to look up to date for sure, but you also don’t want to follow the trends so slavishly that you lose all sense of intention and purpose. It’s about taking the very best bits of the trends, those that work for you, and keeping your brand up to date without being faddish.

Enter colour psychology, the best tool I know to help you make smart, objective choices and communicate in the way you would like it to.

I’ve picked out a couple of key colour trends and will show you how to use them for your branding. Now, clearly, I’m not suggesting you incorporate all of these trends into your brand: it’ll be rather muddled if you do! Instead, focus on the message you want to communicate and which colours will help you do that.

If you’re new to colour psychology, start by taking a look at my post on The Absolute Essentials of Colour Psychology which will give you an insight into how to make this work for your business.

  1. Metallics 


Image credits: Copper Pans, 5th Anniversary, Roar ProjectsMerchant Archive 

Our love for subtle metallic tones just keeps on going. Conspicuous consumption is most certainly not cool, but touches of subtle luxury continue to bring joy and hope. Colour Futures’ Colour of the Year, Copper Orange reflects this desire for a little subtle bling in our lives and personally, I say, bring it on!

Metallics are best used sparingly and as an accent to your brand rather than your core colour. They are wise, generous, luxurious and enlightened. They are generally dignified, insightful, balanced and often calming. Sometimes compassionate, predictably opulent and also successful. Bear in mind that they don’t translate to the web terribly successfully – often turning to muddy tones.

Copper looks fabulous used as another of this year's trends: edge painted business cards. Armed with a stack of cards interleaved with some scrap paper cut to the same size, a clamp to hold everything together and some enamel paint you can make a real splash for a fraction of the cost.

  1. Pastels


Image credits Hay Boxes,  Geometrics studio fludd, Amperian, Soaps, Cocktail 

Another of my favourite trends that just doesn’t show any sign of going away! Pastels fit within the spring and winter seasonal personalities (find out more about this in my post on The Absolute Essentials of Colour Psychology) and add a freshness, lightness and clarity to your brand. Take your guidance from the colours as to which pastel to pick: blue for clarity and calm, green for balance, yellow for optimism.

Pastels are beautiful used as an accent in your colour palette: balance with charcoal grey if your business is spring or be brave with a black (like the gorgeous Amperian cards above) if you're a winter.

Like to learn more?

You can find the other two colour trends and how to use them in Gudy's newsletter - sign up on her blog, I certainly have! You'll find a wealth of posts on colour psychology here: The Absolute Essentials of Colour Psychology, How to Use Colour to Sell More and The Game-Changing Nature of Colour Psychology.

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