The Brand Stylist Retreat: Refresh, Recharge, Refine


You know that feeling you get when you first arrive on holiday? Inspired by a change of scene, the promise of sunshine and incredible food, day to day business worries seem to melt away and in their place emerge the most powerful ideas. There's something about those first few days - a time of wonder, slowing down and letting go, that seem to bring clarity, energy and drive. Don't you find that your best ideas are often generated while you're away? Now imagine you're in the most beautiful setting, with a bunch of super inspirational entrepreneurs. And you're being led through workshops by an experienced teacher passionate about each and every one of you building a business that plays to your strengths, gives you the freedom you want and you can be proud to call your own. That's exactly what I'm planning for the very first Brand Stylist retreat in Majorca next May.

The Brand Stylist Retreat: Transform the way you do business


If you're a creative professional then you are soooo going to want to join us. Four days of inspirational workshops, game changing exercises and a community of creative entrepreneurs to share ideas with and cheer each other on. What's not to love?

Add in to that the most gorgeously laid-back-luxe hotel I think I have ever visited; delicious food and the Majorcan sun and I think we have a winning combination! Booking is now open for this all-inclusive retreat and I would love for you to join us.

Amazing! I learned so much. Three days later and my head is still spinning with the possibilities!

Linda Leunissen, Dutches

This is your opportunity to switch off, get away from the demands of running your business (and life in general) and take some time out to just focus on you and your business. I'll be working you hard, that's for sure but this is your chance to sharpen those dreams, refine your goals and make a plan to make 2017 your Best. Year. Ever.

This is about investing in you and your business. It's about putting yourself first, reflecting on what's working and making serious plans to elevate your business for the year ahead.

Four days of game-changing workshops, relaxation and reflection


You'll find more on the agenda, the topics we'll cover and the plan on this page. Essentially, it's about refining your focus, elevating what you do and upping your game.

I came home brimming with newfound knowledge, clarity and determination... totally reinvigorated and full of creative drive. And I really needed that!

Silkie Lloyd, The Forge

You're ready to refine your process, work on building your offering and explore how you can grow your business. Do you take on staff? Do you work with associates? Or should you just take a deep breath and charge what you secretly know you're worth? Perhaps it's a combination of all three? I've founded, built and sold a successful brand styling company and I know, warts and all, the opportunities and challenges you'll be facing right now. This retreat will give you the confidence to take the steps that are right for your unique business.


Perhaps you run a design company or specialise in website design but are keen to build your brand offering. You'd like to refine your process, gain more confidence in how you work with clients and the finished delivery. You win some great projects but you can't help thinking that you could be doing more. Colour psychology will give you the tools to create a more robust approach and your clients confidence - we'll build on the absolute essentials to enable you to work more efficiently with your clients, identify their seasons and tighten up your understanding of the process. We'll explore how you can write better proposals and present your work more powerfully to build confidence at every level and win more profitable work.


Some of you will be just starting out. You'll be finding your way, finding your style and working out your process. Perhaps you're working harder than you'd like, for less than you'd like. That's understandable. You'll be struggling to see the wood for the trees and you'll benefit a lot from just taking a deep breath, working on defining your style and identifying what sort of business you want to create.


This deliberately isn't about the design work itself: you all bring something wonderful and different to the party so the emphasis is very much on elevating your brand, enchanting your audience and building confidence in what you do. It's about marketing smarter, charging what you're worth and finding your tribe. In short, it's about helping you create a business that works for you: whatever level you're at.

You have this energy that gets people to believe that anything is possible.

Stacey MacIntyre

Inspiration, focus and expert advice

Having run my own agency (with a team of 7 staff, chunky overheads and a very healthy six-figure turnover) I know what it takes to found, build and sell a sizeable, successful business. I've experienced the various highs and lows that come with following your dreams, building a team and finding your way. I've worked out how to make what I do work for me, and I've made plenty of mistakes along the way! I want to share that experience with you and help you achieve your dreams.

This is your opportunity to plan for the year ahead and take things up a gear or three. The price reflects the value I know that this workshop will add to your business as well as the very lovely surroundings we'll find ourselves in. I'm going to be bringing in some very exciting co-teachers as well as a few surprises along the way. It's definitely going to be an event you'll want to be a part of. And goodness, I'd hope that by the time we're finished, the clarity, focus and confidence you'll gain will enable you to see a return on your investment pretty quickly.

This video, from the Brand Brilliance workshop I think beautifully sums up the power of just taking a few days out of the office to focus on what's important. So excited to be putting on this amazing four day event and can't wait to meet you!

You can book your place here - and when you're quick about things, you'll be able to pay in instalments to spread the load a little! Hope to see you there!