The Brand Stylist Book Two: Call for Submissions


Oh my goodness. I actually can't believe we are at this point already! I am soooooo excited to be able to ask you to submit your projects for my next book. Eeeeeek! Read on for all the info... The Brand Stylist Colour Psychology Workshop New York Fiona Humberstone_0074

After the bestselling success of the first Brand Stylist book, How to Style Your Brand, Spring 2017 will see the return of another book for creative entrepreneurs. I'll be working with the same incredible team - top lifestyle editor Jo Copestick as well as the fabulous Matt Pereira again.

I've been working so hard on the manuscript and I am really pleased with how it's taking shape. I've been listening to the sort of guidance you need and I know you're going to love it. This time, the remit for submissions is a little wider - so if you're a photographer, stylist or entrepreneur I hope you'll submit as much as your fellow brand stylists.

Loved this pic by @alyssajoypd of #thebrandstylistbook I'm currently writing #thebrandstylistbook2 and finding it a challenge! I keep forgetting that the glossy, beautiful book that's sat on my desk right now was once a jumble of half sentences and trailing thoughts. Onwards! #amwriting

Call for submissions

One of the things that made How to Style Your Brand so special was the range of businesses featured in the book - as well as illustrating my points what I hope they've also done is inspired you and encouraged you to think big about what's possible. I'm looking for projects that will do the same job in the next book. So here's what I'm looking for:

Branding projects

Show me how you've extended your brand across everything you do - your packaging, your website, your store, your products. I want to see it all! And if it's beautifully styled and photographed, so much the better.

How you market your business. 

I'm thinking catalogues, brochures, digital brochures as well as super gorgeous printed materials and quirky or interesting ways you create an impact with your brand.

Styled photography

Whether you're a pro or a budding stylist, if you have some photography that you think is just bursting to be showcased in a (hopefully bestselling) book, I'd love to see it. I'm particularly looking for images of styled products or your brand showcased in an interesting way but there will also be space for general lifestyle shoots etc (for mood boards) so if in doubt - send it in! And talking of mood boards, last time the lovely Arianna let me use one of her fashion blogger photos for a mood board - so please do send in images of you looking fabulous if you can

Your studio/ work in progress

I'm always, always looking for beautiful images of inspiring workspaces. In the last book, super talented architects SelenckyParsons submitted some of their office projects which looked very cool, so please don't think it's just limited to the she shed (although some of those would be good too).

Fiona Humberstone book How to Style Your Brand-2-2

The Opportunity

  • A printed, signed copy of the book; one for you and one for your client as a thank you.
  • Full credit in the back of the book
  • You retain all copyright - you're just giving us permission to print the book
  • Your work featured in a beautiful book for creative entrepreneurs

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How to Submit your work

This time I'll be doing things a little differently so please read carefully (I have learned many lessons from last time!).

I'm asking you to send me a Dropbox folder with all your submissions in to keep things nice and manageable. Please don't send me emails - they'll break my inbox and definitely don't send me Wetransfer links as they will expire before I have a chance to download them, assuming all goes to plan and I get my summer break with the kids. If you don't currently have a dropbox account (and they are awesome) you can sign up for free, here.

Please make sure that your Dropbox folder is set up for me to view but not edit so that I don't inadvertently delete your precious work. I will not be held responsible for any loss of files if you fail to do this. I'm sorry to sound mean but last time I had more than 100 submissions, I'm sure this time there will be many more. I've got to have a process. Protect your work and only let me view your files. You can do this by going into the Dropbox web programme and changing your settings.

Last time Braizen organised their folders beautifully. With each project having it's own folder, and sub folders within that with packaging, lifestyle images and the brand identity. It would be amazing if you could do that.

Please feel free to submit up to twelve client projects. If you submit lifestyle/ studio shots they don't count as part of that twelve- so again, maybe up to 20/30 images?

Your images must be high resolution and you must have permission from your client before you submit the project.

Another lesson learned at the 11th hour last time! If you could also send them to me at CMYK rather than sRGB which is how they come out of camera/ lightroom, then I can be sure that you're happy with the colour variance and it also saves me around two days (really) of laborious conversions.

Please download this spreadsheet and fill out all relevant details. This means I can just copy and paste and I won't get the essentials like company names or website spelt incorrectly.

Finally, please send an email to submissions at fionahumberstone dot com with a link to your shared Dropbox folder - did I mention set to view and not edit only?

You can download the artwork-release and the spreadsheet for your brand-stylist-book-2-submissions-info by clicking on the links.


Inside your Dropbox folder please make sure there is...

a signed artwork release for each project

the completed spreadsheet with correct details (essential as this is the information we will use to credit you in the book)

your downright gorgeous submissions with high resolution CMYK files


Please DON’T send wetransfer files and absolutely no email attachments please

you can email submissions at fionahumberstone dot com

The Deadline

The kids are back at school on 6th September, so whilst I will probably be unable to resist sneaking a peek, I'll be back at my desk in earnest working through everything then so please be sure you have your gorgeous work to me before 6th Sept.

I can't wait to see what you have to share. Seriously! Get them sent in! xx