The Brand Brilliance book launch film and the full interview



I'm so excited to share two films with you today. First up, a quick recap of a truly wonderful night at The Hoxton hotel in London, to celebrate the launch of Brand Brilliance. Duncan has done such a great job of capturing the vibe of the event and the lovely people there.

I should say a massive Thank You at this point to those of you who were interviewed. What lovely, lovely things you said, I got quite teary in many places! Thank you to Rona, Andri, Julie, Bronwyn and everyone else Duncan managed to squirrel away.

'It's about getting down to the heart of what makes your brand truly excellent and stand out in a crowded market.' Julie Hall, School of Marketing

'I thought How to Style your Brand was great, but Brand Brilliance is in a class of it's own.' Rona Wheeldon, Flowerona

the full interview from the brand brilliance launch party

The second film I'd like to share with you is the full and uncut recording of the interview Elizabeth Cairns and I did on the night at the party. It's around 20 minutes long so you might want to settle down somewhere comfy for this one.

In the interview Elizabeth and I talk about what I've learned from self publishing a second bestselling book,  trusting my instincts and how I've created an enduringly successful book without the gigantic platform most publishers would be looking for.

We talk about creating a destination brand, charging what you're worth and fulfilling your potential. We talk about the pace at which I elevate my brand and those around me that help keep this whole show on the road.

Enjoy, lovely people!