The Brand Brilliance Blog Tour


It is with great pleasure that I give to you the blogs who will be participating in the Brand Brilliance blog tour. Friends old and new have come together to share their thoughts on my new book and I'm honoured and thrilled that they'll be taking part. Each day they'll be giving you a different insight into the book. Some will be interviews, others video, some will be running giveaways... Do make sure you hop along to each one, and please do show your support, love and thanks to them with a comment.


And so without further ado, let me introduce each one.

Monday: Decor8 and The Beloved Hive

Holly Becker will be a name that's familiar to many of you. Holly has been blogging since, forever, and was one of the very first (and most successful) bloggers to turn her passion into a full time business. As well as leading the way in interiors, Holly is an entrepreneur and passionate teacher and I know that many of you will have enjoyed her Blogging Your Way classes as much as I have.

An incredibly successful author in her own right (I own and adore all of Holly's books) I'm very excited (and ever so slightly afraid) to see what she makes of Brand Brilliance.

Holly will be sharing the book on her Instagram stories so do pop along and see what she thinks.

The BelovedHive are a blog dedicated to inspiring wedding industry professionals. Packed with great advice and gorgeous images I'm honoured to be interviewed on their site today. Pop on over to discover more about how I got into branding, some of the biggest mistakes I've made and how The Brand Stylist came about. More on the Beloved Hive blog.

Tuesday: DesignAglow

On Tuesday we travel from Germany to the other side of the pond for DesignAglow. If you're a photographer you'll know all about the fantastic marketing templates that DesignAglow create. These guys have the art of creating the right impression from the get-go nailed and I'm truly thrilled that they are going to be hosting a review and a giveaway on Tuesday.

Wednesday: Belong Magazine

Wednesday sees the lovely Belong Magazine sharing their thoughts. Belong Magazine is a wonderful community for creatives. An inspirational magazine and champion of female entrepreneurs I can't wait for you to join them. The eagle eyed amongst you will spot their fabulous magazines in the book - in fact, I wonder whether I should mail some out to the first one of you to spot them?  A sort of Brand Brilliance treasure hunt, if you like, what do you think? Answers below...

Thursday: Flowerona

On Thursday my lovely friend Rona will be sharing a review and a specially recorded video interview. I know you are going to love this. Rona is a presenter par excellence and has been asking me all sorts of questions about how to create a destination brand, how to define your creative style and how to win the right sort of work and I know you are going to love it.

Friday: Braizen

On Friday, we end the week with a bang with the gorgeous Braizen. Kindred spirits and incredible designers, the lovely Ashley has been styling, shooting and reviewing Brand Brilliance and has also emailed me some pretty revealing questions. Not known for pulling their punches, this is one interview you are not going to want to miss!

Tuesday: McQueen's

Last but by no means least, I'm thrilled to be rounding up the tour on the McQueen's blog. If you've already read the book, you'll know that McQueen's are one of the very definitions of a destination brand. With an enviable client list, a truly international reach and a flourishing flower school we can learn a lot from Kally Ellis and the breathtakingly inspirational McQueen's team.

I really hope you enjoy the tour. I've worked with people who have a wealth of information on their blogs so as well as reading the reviews of my book I do hope you'll stop and have a good dig around at their inspirational content.

Oh, and if you've reviewed the book on your own blog, please do let me know as I'm currently compiling a list and would love to include a link back to you.