"The best thing I ever did for my business" Notes from The Brand Stylist Retreat


This is a story of transformation and of celebration. The story of a group of strong, ambitious and talented women coming together for an experience that will leave a lasting legacy on each of their businesses. A story of camaraderie. Of raising each other up and of mutual support and encouragement. A story of sisterhood, of empowerment and of inspiration. And the creation of a unique community.

Friends, I am delighted to share some of the magic from the very first Brand Stylist Retreat with you. As always, the wonderful Katie Spicer has taken some fantastic photographs which I think will give you a bit of an insight into quite how special this event was.

'Life-transforming, amazing. The best thing I ever did for my business'MONIKA BURGER

Our base was the glorious Cal Reiet Holistic Retreat on the beautiful Spanish Island of Majorca. Set in a wonderful market town, this hotel really is like nothing else I've ever visited. Exquisitely designed and luxuriously appointed, it's totally relaxed and just gorgeous. There's nothing ostentatious or bling about the place, it's just beautifully and quietly designed. The whole atmosphere was totally magical and that made for a great place for amazing things to happen.

As the lovely Gail Jones commented, Cal Reiet has

'A calming, spiritual energy which could let me focus and think'

There really is nothing quite like just getting away from it all, is there? As entrepreneurs, finding that time to just be still, to take stock, to think big and to find the space to actually make things happen can be so difficult.

With so many demands on our time, with such busy brains and busy bodies, I wanted this retreat to be more than a workshop in the sun. It was about giving the guests the opportunity to truly elevate what they do, to reconnect with what inspires them and to send them home rested, recharged and reinvigorated.

I was joined some amazing teachers. Elizabeth Cairns, Caz Harrison and Gudy Herder each brought their own blend of magic to the event and inspired, informed and empowered each and every entrepreneur to create a business on their terms.

'Learning that it's you who choose the clients and not the clients who choose you was enlightening'Kay Beaton

Gudy inspired all of us to create physical, tangible mood boards that enhance our creative process and make communication with our clients and selling our ideas so much more powerful. She taught us some really powerful techniques that will elevate our boards to a whole new level.

Caz's session was amazing. A phenomenally talented Brand Stylist, Caz very generously shared her design process and the way she presents her work to the students which I know inspired so many to get more tactile, to find more fun in their work and demonstrate the value in what they do.

Elizabeth empowered us all to trust our instincts, to remember what really matters and enabled us to set a course for our business that was truly aligned with our own unique values.

'An essential luxury for anyone hoping to make progress in their business.'Caz Udall

'A place to grow and thrive'Laura Janes, Uniqly

As well as workshop sessions every day, it was important to me that each guest had plenty of downtime. To truly work at your potential and make the sorts of game-changing shifts that these students did, time to reflect, rest and recharge was essential. And in such beautiful surroundings, that really wasn't difficult. Add in a dose of sunshine, deliciously healthy food and daily yoga and we had a recipe for total reinvigoration.

In the evenings, the atmosphere changed to one of celebration. Dressing up, enjoying a cocktail or two (it definitely wasn't all holistic detox) and kicking back with newfound friends became a great way to connect, share stories and deepen those bonds formed in the day.

One of the things that really struck me about this retreat was just how powerful those bonds between us all became. I've seen friendships form at my workshops in the past, but this was a whole other level. There was such a deep level of respect, empathy and mutual support between each and every student, it was humbling to see.

'(I've been inspired by) The camaraderie of the group, the support and friends made'Kelly Sparkes

When you're in paradise, you don't feel the need to leave. But after our first full day, Kay and Aina, who live on the island, took us off to Cala Mondrago. A stunning beach with rocky coves, turquoise waters and soft sands. We didn't have long but it was glorious.

'Inspiring, motivational, game-changing, life-changing and transformative.'Rona Wheeldon, Flowerona

On our third day, at Kay and Aina's suggestion, a small group of us headed over to Cala Figuera. The most beautiful fishing village that could've been lifted from the pages of Conde Nast Traveller. It really was so inspiring and my plan for next year is that we head there at sunrise or sunset for an inspirational photography session.

When you work in a creative business, feeding your creativity is so important, isn't it? You can get so far by following your dreams, doing work you love and continually tuning in to what matters. That's fundamental. And then every now and again, something comes along that just blows you away. That reignites a forgotten passion and reinspires you all over again. Cala Figuera did all of those things for me, and I know for many of the guests that came on this trip with us. I'm really looking forward to going back again next year.

Wednesday is market day in Santanyi so we shifted things around a little to make sure that we could take a trip into the village to explore. As you'd expect, there was an absolute riot of colour and many hasty purchases were made before we headed back to Cal Reiet for our workshop sessions!

When you're putting something like this together, it's so easy to try and pack the itinerary with workshop after workshop. After all, this was a business retreat and I was conscious that I needed to deliver results. But I passionately believe that in getting those results, the senses need to be awakened. You need to feel inspired. You need to find that clarity and take a step or three away from the day to day in order to truly realise your potential.

Taking the time to explore, to rest and to see the island is an essential part of that. And I think the results speak for themselves. Each and every single guest achieved so much in just four days. What they've learned, what we covered, what we explored will leave a lasting legacy on their businesses. I couldn't ask for more.

‘An amazing way to start a new way of doing things and get inspired.’Aina Llabres, Gavimar Hotels

The amazing class of 2017 on our first night. What a special bunch of women. Each one of them has inspired me, and together, these women and this retreat, has left a lasting legacy on my business. I really couldn't have asked for more from my first retreat. It was an utter pleasure and I can't wait for next year!

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