the absolute essentials of creating a brilliant brand


Creating a brand that showcases what you do, attracts the right clients and opens doors to exciting opportunities is at the heart of a successful business. And in Brand Brilliance, I share with you a thoroughly modern approach to marketing for creative entrepreneurs. A softer, more client-centric approach that focuses around building a tribe, demonstrating the value in what you do and creating a destination brand.

I've never been a fan of the high-pressure sales tactics many internet marketers advocate. Formulaic copy packed with hype and complicated sales funnels and designed to strong-arm people into signing up just isn't my style.

Let's just keep things simple. Create a brilliant product or service and focus your energies on attracting the right clients? Put your focus on creating delight at every level and recognising the intelligence of your audience. Create an experience that adds value and that people want to be a part of.

Work out what makes your brand brilliant. Understand what your clients value about what you do and celebrate that at every level. It doesn't need to be complicated, just authentic.

Here are my absolute essentials for creating a brilliant brand. Enjoy.

The absolute essentials of creating a brilliant brand

  1. Create a destination brand At the absolute heart of the book. A destination brand creates opportunities to charge what you're worth, work on the projects that play to your strengths and work with clients who adore what you do. What's not to love?
  2. Less is more Create a profitable, sustainable business that puts quality ahead of quantity. You don't need to win every project, every client that comes your way. Put your energies into wowing those that are a great fit for your unique talent.
  3. Be irresistible: you don't need to sell Put your customer at the very heart of your efforts. Showcase what you do, ensure they can see the value in what you have to offer. Treat your clients with respect and dignity and they will do the same for you.
  4. Celebrate your magic Identify what it is that makes your company unique and celebrate it. It might be your creative style, your philosophy or your unique approach to business. Identify what make you different and let it shine.
  5. Understand your customer Take the time to really understand your client: who, precisely, they are and what motivates them to do business with you. This will utterly transform your marketing.
  6. Know your worth So important. Don't get sucked into being all things to all people. You don't need to compete on price - instead, put your energies into demonstrating your worth and the value you add. Make your brand irresistible for a very unique bunch of clients,
  7. Build trust from the get-go Creating a successful business starts with creating the right impression at the outset. A great brand identity, for sure, but also photography that showcases your business at its best and content that ensures prospective clients can see your worth from the start.
  8. Be brave Put your business in a category of one and you'll find that doing business becomes infinitely easier. Be prepared to walk away from clients, collaborations and opportunities that aren't the right fit. Find a spot in the market that plays to your strengths, your skills and your vision.

Pretty simple, hey? Start by downloading yourself a copy of the Brand Clarity Workbook which will help you identify what it is that makes your brand super-brilliant. Give yourself time and space to work through this and really create some meaningful answers and you'll find everything else starts to fall in to place. Enjoy!