ten things you can expect to gain from Brand Brilliance


Do you remember when I talked about following my gut in creating a beautiful and inspirational contents page rather than a step by step, logical page in this post? Well, I'm genuinely so glad I did. It looks just beautiful and it totally fits with the vibe of the book. But... as the logically minded amongst you pointed out at the time, it does leave rather a lot to the imagination. I've focused on the benefits of what we cover in the book which totally feels right. But for those of you who would like a little more, well, detail, here are ten things you can expect to gain from Brand Brilliance.

The book is split into two halves, Brand Clarity and Brand Brilliance. In Brand Clarity we define exactly what it is that makes your business unique and create a truly powerful message. This is all about elevating your brand, setting yourself up for success and creating a business that truly works for you.

Part One: Brand Clarity

In particular you can expect to gain:

  1. Clarity around what your brand stands for, what makes you truly unique and where you sit in the market
  2. Confidence in your offering and the vision to elevate your brand
  3. An insight into a better way of doing business. One that pays you what you're worth, plays to your strengths and opens doors
  4. A clear, concise and inspirational brand message that attracts the right clients
  5. An understanding of how to communicate your brand message through the right photography style, props and composition
  6. A deeper perspective into how colour psychology feeds into photography, styling and textures
  7. Guidance on choosing a company name that works for you and how to create a brand voice that sets you uniquely apart from the competition and communicates your message in a powerful way
  8. How and why to create Brand Blueprint

Part Two: Brand Brilliance

In part two: Brand Brilliance, we take the essence of what makes your brand brilliant and ensure that we communicate that through everything you do. This is, I guess, the book I had expected to write: a sort of 'How to Style your Website' follow on from How to Style your Brand. One that gives you lots of how tos and insights into how to create powerful marketing literature.

  1. How to make it easy for your clients to pick you over anyone else. How to demonstrate the value in what you do, enchant your audience and have people aching to work with you.
  2. How to write copy that attracts, engages and compels people to do business with you without resorting to cringe tactics or formulaic hype.
  3. Design for Go-Getters. Quite possibly my favourite section: however successful you are, however large your budget, you are always going to need to do some design in-house, In this section I'll show you how design works so that you can ensure that your brand comms are always on point.
  4. Planning a photoshoot, picking props that support your brand message and reflecting your seasonal personality.
  5. Creating a website with flair.
  6. Creating media kits, proposals, manifestos and presenting your work with style to ensure you enchant your audience throughout the entire experience.

I've picked out the things that I think you're going to find most valuable, but I'm intrigued to see what you enjoy the most. Do share your thoughts once you have a copy of the book!