"Super inspiring" Notes from the London Colour for Creatives Workshop


Last Wednesday saw my very last Colour for Creatives workshop at Brixton East in London and my goodness, did we go out with a bang! 28 super lovely entrepreneurs gathered together for a day of fun, creativity and learning and these images from Katie Spicer say it all really, we had a ball!


We started the day with an introduction to the seasons and a group exercise in pulling together images that reflected the spirit of each one. Much more challenging than it sounds, this really encouraged plenty of debate and a much deeper understanding of what each season means.


These images were then pasted into some beautiful sketchbooks I'd had created to give each student a permanent reference to look back on.


The students worked so well together in their groups. I've done this sort of thing in the past and found it tricky to get everyone to pull together (it's so tempting to hare off on your own!) and these groups gelled so well together. I also held back all bar one set of images which meant that people had to work together. Always good.




After some incredible cakes and a much needed jolt of caffeine we were back upstairs for another collaging session. This time looking at the style of each season. This was more like an instagram stream for each season and really helped the students understand how to communicate brand values visually.


Discovering their seasonal personality



Each and every one of these students showed up with such positivity, kindness and energy it made for a really special day and a wonderful group. You can see how well everyone gelled from these images and it was such a privilege to be a part of such a very special community.


Next up, the million dollar question. Which season best supports your business values? What I love about being in a workshop environment is how you can really encourage people to think big and focus on what matters.

Sometimes, if you're not careful, you can focus too heavily on your own personality rather than what's right for your business, or you can focus on why you're in business rather than what people value about what you do - which are sometimes two separate things. It was great to flush that out and get people thinking so much bigger. And it was wonderful to have Caz Harrison, of Making Waves Creative on hand to help out with this too.

If you're struggling to find clarity on this, take a look at this post on picking your brand words and this one on separating yourself from your business.





The design elements of the seasons

After a delicious lunch it was back to the sketchbooks for another collage, this time on the design style of the seasons. we looked at the brand elements that support each season - type, pattern etc as well as doing one last group exercise splitting all of these out. I love doing this beacause it's a really good chance for the students (and me) to check that they've understood what I'm teaching.


Next up, we explored how you pick colours for your brand (there's a blog post on that here) and I also gave the students a cheat sheet I'd put together to show how the colours change throughout the seasons. There's a lot of confusion surrounding this. Essentially, every colour appears in every season, apart from black, it's just about the tones you use. I will release this resource on the blog before the summer holidays so you can see for yourself.


Very inspirational. A game-changer.

-Stu Cooper, Cooper Photography



Time for the mood board!

I love mood boarding. It's inspiring, creative, clarifying and fun. And judging by the students' comments, they loved it too. I'm often asked whether we can just do digital mood boards at a workshop and my answer is always a resounding 'No!".

We spend so long at our computers these days, it's good to just step away, unplug and get properly creative again. Plus, there's something about getting totally hands on with a real mood board that takes things up a level in terms of beauty, creativity and clarity.


I started with an insight into how I use mood boards and then some top tips on how to make your mood board beautiful. I have to say, mine have got exponetially better since working with Gudy Herder, so if you'd like to find out more, take a look at her fantastic blog.

ColourforCreatives-8916 ColourforCreatives-8918 ColourforCreatives-8925

Amazing... Completely pushed me out of my comfort zone and opened up so many creative possibilities.

- Nicola Wilkes

ColourforCreatives-8934 ColourforCreatives-8938

Aren't these mood boards just beautiful? Honestly, so much talent!



Once everyone had created their board, we pulled together the boards from each season which was a great way of everyone seeing how everything slotted together and also how the seasons could be so different within the boundaries of each personality.



Finally it was time for a much needed cocktail before heading home.



Thought provoking, socialble and so inspiring!

-Gail Jones, Starkeys Lane



Pulling together a workshop like this takes an incredible amount of focus and hard work and none of this would have been possible without our brilliant team.

From left to right, Caz Harrison of Making Waves Creative, experienced colour psychologist and brand stylist, Yours Truly, Stephanie Eastwood- florist and general superstar, Charlotte Yarwood, a wonderful woman who makes sure everyone has everything they need, Maddie Hatton, Blid and Hatton, creator of incredible food and the lovely Katie Spicer, a photographic alchemist.


You totally nailed today. Ten out of ten.

- Sophie Robinson, Interior Designer and Presenter of The Great Interior Design Challenge

Writing this really makes me want to run another colour workshop! So who knows, maybe if that's what you want I will do something late 2017. In the meantime, I have so many plans for future workshops and can't wait to tell you more.

I will be launching an online Colour Psychology workshop for the Autumn as well as a two-day Brand Brilliance workshop to be held in London and NYC to be held in October and November respectively. Keep your eyes peeled for more details, or save yourself the hard work and jump onto the newsletter list to be the first to hear.

Have a brilliant week!