Social for Florists Workshop, Oct 1, London


The week before last I had the absolute pleasure of co-hosting the Flowerona Social Media for Florists workshop with my friend Rona Wheeldon. To be honest, I think this video pretty much says it all, but you know how I love to write, so do scroll down for the inside scoop on the day...


We had such a lovely mix of students join us and both Rona and I were overwhelmed at just how supportive and warm the whole group was, it made for a really fun and productive day. There was a real breadth of experience: from those just starting out to others at the very top of their game and it was great to see everyone sharing ideas so openly and helping each other.

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Our aim was simple: to give our students the tools to use social media to grow their businesses. That meant two things for us, covering some of the hints and tips we've learned along the way and also giving everyone the chance to reconnect with their brand and understand how they could make their unique businesses even more compelling.


I love working with Rona because we're so vastly different in our approaches. I'm Mrs Big Picture (as well as being obsessed by the visual details) and Rona is the practical, logical and tactical one. It makes for a really good partnership. Rona is a true expert in her field and she has built up a great social media following, so she shared lots of tips and tricks and techniques the delegates could go away and implement the next day.


My role was more of a strategic one: I wanted to get people thinking about how their social activity could support their reputation, their position in the market and really engage their clients. We got them thinking more clearly about their brand, the impression that they wanted to create and (of course) they made a mood board. It was lots of fun!


The food, as always, was incredible, Maddie Hatton did a great job. The flowers were just beautiful, and a real contrast to the day before. Inspired by damson, plum and sage tones, which we carried through to the food, Rona and our intern Steph created some gorgeous seasonal arrangements that really reflected the quality and style of the Flowerona brand. I'm hoping to share with you some of my thinking behind the creative process and styling for each day. It might be a few weeks but I will definitely share (and I haven't forgotten about the hand lettering post either...).



We were really lucky to work with some great brands again on the goody bag as well as Anthropologie for the styling props. As well as some very generous companies who kindly donated products to put in the goody bags. So lots of love and thanks must go to CuttureDesigners GuildJane MeansLSA InternationalOriginal BeansPeach BlossomRosehip UKSarah RavenSerax and True Grace. Thank you also to Kilner for the amazing water jars which meant that I could concoct all sorts of deliciously flavoured waters for our thirsty delegates! Apple and cinnamon, blackberry and lemon verbena and cucumber and mint were my choices for the Flowerona day and our students loved them!


It's those sorts of details which makes the day really special. Obviously it goes without saying that the content is essential, but creating the right atmosphere, giving people the space to think clearly and be inspired is a really big part of the day and something that we really enjoy working on.


Head on over to Rona's blog for a full debrief of the day (including the lowdown on our delicious menu for the day and the generous goody bag sponsors). I really think this gorgeous video shot by the very talented Duncan McCabe says it all.

Posts about the day from our students

Our lovely intern Steph Eastwood wrote this post about her take on the day. She was amazing to have around - Steph mucked in, worked incredibly hard and blew me away by knocking up the posies you see on the door shutters in what seemed like five minutes before everyone arrived!

Julie King from Peonies and Posies reflected on her day on her beautiful blog. And you can find Rachel from The Rose Shed's lovely post here. A lovely post from Holly Cadogan who also features in our video at the end!

Like to join us for the next one?

Rona and I will be running our next Social Media for Florists workshop on Tuesday 24th February. Full details and a link to book on Rona's blog.

(Photography: Emily Quinton)