Signed copies and limited edition gift boxes


With just a month until the launch of my latest book, Brand Brilliance, things are really hotting up! A handful of some of my nearest and dearest have read the book and are really excited to get this book out to you. I am really looking forward to seeing the impact it's going to have on your business. And of course, it's going to look pretty lovely in your insta-feed too! As you know, preorders are now open and I want to say the most enormous thank you to those of you who have already preordered. Whether you've placed your order directly through me, or one of the online retailers, it really does make such a difference. Thank you! By the way, if you'd like to discover more about the book, take a look at this post introducing the book

I wrote a longer post on why preorders matter recently. Essentially from your point of view, preordering direct from me means that however well the book sells (and I stilI have no visibity on this from Amazon, with a month to go), you'll definitely get your book as soon as the first shipment lands with me in the UK.

To celebrate the joy of a first edition, we're in the process of putting together some really special limited edition gift boxes and gift-wrapped signed copies for those of you who buy direct from The Brand Stylist. They are looking just gorgeous and I'll be sharing some more insights behind the scenes very soon.

Limited Edition Brand Brilliance Gift Box £50

A whole host of goodies curated by The Brand Stylist to celebrate the first edition of my new book. All beautifully presented in an archival quality gift box.

Includes: A signed copy of Brand Brilliance, a lovely 36pp Brand Stylist Sketchbook and a printed Brand Clarity Workbook. Also includes a copy of the highly sought-after The Absolute Essentials of Colour Psychology. A 36pp full colour pocket-sized guide to colour psychology, perfect to keep by your desk as a handy reference. Perfect for those of you wishing to treat a friend, colleague or just yourselves!


Limited Edition Luxe Gift Box £70

A super-limited edition gift box with a whole host of lovely things curated by The Brand Stylist. Just 50 are available. Includes all of the items in the Limited Edition Gift Box along with How to Style Your Brand.

A signed copy of Brand Brilliance, How to Style Your Brand, a Brand Stylist Sketchbook, The Absolute Essentials of Colour Psychology and a printed Brand Clarity Workbook. All beautifully gift boxed and shipped to you with love.

The prices on the dropdown are for a combination of the gift set and the shipping costs. Please be sure to select the correct one for your location.  Due to the weight, it just wasn’t cost effective to send this via Royal Mail which is why there are no options for Europe/ Rest of World for this.


Signed Copy of Brand Brilliance £25

The brand new book! Signed, gift wrapped and mailed to you with love direct from me and my team of helpers.

Signed Copies of How to Style your Brand and Brand Brilliance £45

Signed copies of both The Brand Stylist books. Gift wrapped and mailed to you with our love and thanks.

These are only available from this website and only before the end of this month. I'll ship anywhere in the world (with the exception of the Luxe gift box - see below). Please do pay close attention to the terms and FAQ's too on the Brand Brilliance Book page.