Self publishing, walking your own path and following your instinct

It's been one of those weeks of utter inspiration. It feels so good to have got the book 'out there' so to speak and started to share it with you. Months, years of hard work are coming together and really starting to pay off and I'm immensely excited! All that inspiration is gathering momentum which feels like it's snowballing into an unstoppable force - let's just hope it doesn't hit a tree along the way! Anyway, enough of the waffle.

Today I wanted to share an insight with you into the process behind the book and ask for your opinion. I'm kind of hoping you'll prove my gut instinct right, but I'd love to hear if you think I'm seeing this wrong too.

The Contents page is a really important part of any book. More than a reference, it gives you a flavour into the contents of the book and what you can expect. Here's where my unique hybrid approach of coffee-table/business book starts to go off piste (another ski reference - we are promised snow tomorrow so bear with me...).

Most business books take the more is more approach to contents pages. In fact, I've seen contents stretch over four, sometimes five pages just to show how much 'value' is in the book. They take comprehensive to a whole new level. That doesn't sit so well with me. It feels inelegant and downmarket. Coffee table style books take the other approach, simply listing out the chapter heads and sometimes, the top level heads.

Coffee table style contents pages are usually a page and look gorgeous. But then, so they should. You're buying coffee-table books because they are beautiful and inspiring. Their value is generally in how they look: the photography, styling, ideas etc rather than in the process in the words.

But my book does both. There's a really, really robust process behind this book that'll transform the way you do business; but it's delivered in an inspirational and beautiful way. I mean, you can see my problem, can't you?

The page you see below (Option One) is what my instinct tells me is right for the book. You're intelligent, creative and visionary entrepreneurs. You're buying this book because you're excited about what it can do for you, how we get there is off less importance, right? This is my chance to draw you in, excite you and give you a flavour of what the book is about- do you love it as much as I do?

This page (Option Two), on the other hand, is a more traditional approach. It's the safe option. Having never played it safe in my life, I'm not enamoured by this one (can you tell?!!). It feels too predictable, too boring, too ordinary. But it does give you more of an insight into what's inside. Well, by that I mean, it tells you how we're going to get to brand brilliance, it doesn't necessarily give you the benefits.

I do realise that I am completely leading you down one path, but this is because I want to explain my thought process and give you the opportunity to tell me that whilst you get where I'm coming from, you prefer the alternative. Every bone in my body is telling me that option one is the best, but I would genuinely love to know what you think.

So, have your say, which Contents page should I go with? Which will sell more books?

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