Seasonal Colour Palettes: The Free Download


Hurrah! It's finally here and I'm so thrilled to be able to share this with you. So many of you have been asking me to put together some visuals for how the colour palettes actually work. Please don't take the attached too literally. I've put the numbers on there so that you can reference them if you have a chips book and see how they fit together; but these colours are by no means the only tones for each season. I've just put together a flavour for you.



Download the Four Seasonal Personality Colour Palettes.

You'll find this and dozens of other resources on the Downloads page. Remember, you'll need to use the password you received when you subscribed to The Brand Stylist list to access all of the downloads. You'll have had this emailed to you, so please check your inbox and spam filters first. Can't find it? The fastest way to get a new password is to resubscribe to the list. 

You'll probably also find depending on your screen and your printer, the colours may not come out quite true. But whatever medium you're looking at, my hope is that they do at least look different (sometimes subtly!) in each season.

And remember that some colours will be naturally warmer and cooler. So the yellow/orange I've picked for summer (second from left on the second row down) does look warm, but compared to the other yellows in that column it's cooler, soft and does have a delicate undertone. It could almost pass for spring (and that's where the fun starts because this is a continuum not a precise thing) but it works in summer.

Likewise, pantone 570, the turquoise second from right in the autumn row could almost fit into spring, but do you notice how much more muted it is than pantone 7465?

Oh, and remember, I'll be running an online class as soon as is realistically possible so if you'd like to develop your colour education I will look forward to working with you then and discussing the differences in more detail ;-) I'm sorry, I don't have time to answer any questions on this before the summer holidays.

I hope you enjoy!