Oh for the love of hand lettering


I've long been a fan of handwriting fonts and cursive type. I love the character and personality they bring to a brand, and this trend for hand lettering is just blowing my mind. I LOVE it! How about you? 7fec91c309b42a3d994a966208344cd1

Rarely does a Pinterest session go by without me pinning something inspiring to my Hand Lettering board. You can follow it here...

Hand lettering is literally as it sounds. It's not a font (although wouldn't that be fabulous) - it's something that's usually hand drawn by an artist and then converted into a digital file. I'll be sharing how you can do it yourself (with the help of a few experts...) very soon.you and coffee lettering

You can convey so much energy, intention and meaning through handwriting can't you? Some are expressive, some confident, some quiet and some reflective. Some work as a logo, others will use as a part of their brand identity - perhaps over images on your website or blog? However you choose to use them I'd really recommend you give it a go.

hand lettered logo by lauren ledbetter

I'm currently working on a much longer and more comprehensive post on exactly how to take advantage of this trend and use hand lettering for your unique brand identity. Like with all trends, it's important you consider what's right for your business and use something well thought through and beautifully executed so that you avoid looking like you've just jumped on the latest bandwagon. I'm hoping it'll be ready for the end of the week but these sorts of posts - like the Oooh I love your card! post take me such a loooong time to put together, and that's a lot of baby naps. So watch this space...


In the meantime, here are a few inspirational pieces to fuel your creativity. Which do you like the most?

hand drawn logo blushing ambition

Tidy desk, tidy mind printable from Fabulous Fete; Blushing Ambition logo by June Letters; Today I am excited about everything via Moxham Store; You and Coffee via Jasmine Dowling; Stay Wonderful print by Jasmine Dowling