New workshops


How are you? And more importantly, are you managing to stay inspired in what seems like day after day of grey skies?! I'm thrilled to report that progress on the next book is looking good. Ok, so I haven't actually written any more words since my last post, but my goodness has my mind been whirring. After Easter I am going to have a ton of words to get down. That's really how it goes with writing for me. I find not being able to write a real muse - somehow it seems to have a really inspirational effect and before I know it, the words are just flowing faster than my fingers can type. Hurrah!

Talking of inspiration, I wanted to just drop in and let you know about my forthcoming workshops as well as getting your thoughts on some future workshops.

New York, 5 April

In just a few short weeks I'll be running Colour Psychology for Creatives in New York City. I've been dreaming and scheming of this for longer than I can remember and I can't quite believe it's happening. If you'd like to join us - whether you live in the state or you fancy an excuse for a trip to The Big Apple - there are a handful of tickets remaining and you can find out more and book here.

The Brand Stylist Colour for Creatives workshop New York City-6

I've finally tied up all of my client projects before Easter so I've been mood boarding and planning and just finished a super inspirational call with my florist Gloria Battista Collins to discuss the look.

I've written before on the energy and fun that goes in to the styling for my workshops and I thought it might be interesting for you to see some of the things I've planned for this event. You'll see images of my mood board dotted throughout...

Flowers are a really big deal at my workshops and the thought of surrendering control is quite an odd one. Steph and I are thrilled that we don't have quite such an enormous workload (they are very time consuming and the 6am trip to the flower market is one we could do without) but it's also quite scary to hand over creative control to someone else. Will they 'get' what I'm looking for? Will I like their suggestions?

Well, I'm thrilled to say that after an hour's Skype call to NYC I'm even more excited than ever. Not only did Gloria 'get' what I'd suggested, she had a whole heap of inspiring suggestions of her own. Many of the flowers will come from her garden and all will be locally grown, which I really like. I have to say, the most important thing to me is that they look great (sorry Gloria!) but I know that they will look amazing, and to combine that with something that's environmentally sound is just brilliant for me.

The Brand Stylist Colour for Creatives workshop New York City-4

This will be my first workshop abroad so I'm making list after list after list. I'm going to be taking a suitcase out with handouts and books in, which obviously will need filling up with something (clothes? new shoes?) on the way home... Finding new suppliers has been a really interesting experience and I'm really pleased to have found a fantastic bunch. As well as florist supremo Gloria, I'm going to be working with Poppy's Catering for the food and the super lovely Ana for photography.

We have some lovely goodies for students to take home but I'm open to more, so if you have something you think my students would enjoy I'd love to hear from you!

London, 22nd June

My next London workshop will be on 22nd June at Brixton East and I can't wait! I love that glorious venue, especially in the summer and I'm looking forward to getting the whole team together for a really fun day. Places are filling up fast on this workshop, despite the fact it's several months away, but you still have time to book if you're quick ;-)

The Brand Stylist Colour for Creatives workshop New York City-3


Excitingly, in May I'm headed out to Estonia for a week where I'll be running a series of workshops with the lovely Veronika Osawe who distributes my books over there. We have some really great things planned for this trip and I can't wait to see what looks like a very beautiful country.

Future workshops

The Brand Stylist Colour for Creatives workshop New York City-6

My head is starting to turn to workshops I might create in the future and that's where I'd really love your input. You've been asking me to run an online Colour for Creatives workshop, and that's definitely something I'd love to do, both level one and a more advanced version for those of you that have already taken the first class. Realistically I'm not going to launch that before late Autumn at the very earliest but it's something I'd really love to do (once my book is nailed).

Secondly, I'm starting to think about other workshops. I love the idea of running a Style Your Own Brand group class - either online or as a live event. Perhaps as a retreat or over a couple of days? And how about a workshop that helps you create your own website - one that gets you focused, helps you plan your site and really understand the steps involved? I don't really want to get in to coding or building as that's something that varies so much for us all, but one that gave you all the tools and the focus to get started would be great wouldn't it? I also love mentoring other brand stylists, so maybe there's a workshop in that you'd find useful?

The point is, I'd really like to know what you'd like. What would you find useful? What would work for you and would you prefer online or live events? I would love to hear from you!