Introducing my new book: Brand Brilliance

How do you fancy a sneak peek at my new book, Brand Brilliance?

It's been seven very intense months of writing, designing and editing, and two years in the making but I am thrilled to have finally sent the files off to print. Hurrah!

Thank you for all of your support, encouragement and enthusiasm throughout this process, it means so much! Honestly, you have no idea. Producing this book has mostly been a lot of fun. But there have been days when it's been harder to find my inspiration, my confidence and my voice. Having a wonderful community of entrepreneurs cheering me along, who are just as excited about the book as we are means the world. We've worked so hard to create something that not only looks beautiful, but that's also going to make a big difference to your business. I really hope that you love it.

A sneak peek...

Here's the title page. I just love those green fig leaves - can't you just smell them?

And part of the introduction. I think this will give you a flavour for what the book is about and, hopefully, how it so perfectly complements How to Style your Brand.

These are the chapter openers. I love that blush/ buff colour and (in my usual renegade style) the quirky layout of the text.


The feedback from the people who have read the book already has been incredible and I'm so excited to get this into your hands! Here are just a couple of things they had to say:

'A smart, down-to-earth guide to rock your brand' - Charlotte Gueniau,


‘A brilliant brand journey to help build your story and give your business backbone.’ - Ashley Jankowski, Braizen


There are a couple of sections, like the customer profile where you'll find a little crossover with How to Style your Brand. And that's because I wanted the two books to stand on their own, and because you cannot do anything with your brand unless you truly understand your customer. But in Brand Brilliance you'll find that the emphasis goes well beyond the brand elements we focused on before, and instead gets you to focus on creating a powerful message. Once you have that nailed, we'll explore how you can communicate that coherently across all your channels of communication.

'Utterly inspirational' - Caz Harrison, Making Waves

For a little more on the book, take a look at this post which will give you an insight into what's in the book and this post which shows you a little more behind the scenes.

Preorders are now open now shipped

Thank you SO MUCH for all your support with the preorders. I'm thrilled to say that they are now shipped and should be with you any day. I'm not currently taking orders for any more gift wrapped or gift boxed books but if you'd like one in the future, do join the mailing list so you can be the first to hear.

The book is now listed on and I will be adding it to over the next week or so. If you'd like to pre-order, via those sites is one option. And a massive thank you to those of you that have, already. I couldn't quite believe it but on Friday afternoon I went online to check I'd formatted the description properly and I saw that the book was at #4 in the bestseller lists which is incredible. Seriously, three months to go! Thank you.

I'm just going to keep saying it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Now, I've been thinking about the preorders. I'd quite like to do something a little special for those of you who would like to preorder directly through me. I've set up some packages below. Some are limited collections, some will simply come with a little more je ne sais quoi than you'd get with a standard brown package via the online book retailers ;)

Preorder Brand Brilliance £25

The brand new book! The #brandstylistbook2. Gift wrapped and mailed to you direct from me and my team of helpers.

How to Style your Brand and Brand Brilliance £45

Two fabulous books to empower you to create an incredible brand and brand identity that really gets you to where you want to be, fast.

Please note: these will be shipped together once Brand Brilliance is available.

The prices on the dropdown are for a combination of the books and the shipping costs.

The Brand Brilliance Gift Set £50

Includes: A copy of Brand Brilliance, a lovely Brand Stylist Sketchbook and a printed Brand Clarity Workbook. Also includes a copy The Absolute Essentials of Colour Psychology. A 36pp full colour pocket-sized guide to colour psychology, perfect to keep by your desk as a handy reference. Presented in a gorgeous gift box. Perfect for those of you wishing to treat a friend, colleague or just yourselves!

The sketchbook is a 36pp foil-blocked landscape sketchbook, perfect for hatching big dreams and grand plans. Ideal for working through the process in the book. The Brand Clarity Workbook is a full colour printed version of the downloadable workbook and enables you to get started right away.

The prices on the dropdown are for a combination of the gift set and the shipping costs.

The Luxe Brand Stylist Gift Set £70

Includes all of the above along with How to Style Your Brand. A copy of Brand Brilliance, How to Style Your Brand, a Brand Stylist Sketchbook, The Absolute Essentials of Colour Psychology and a printed Brand Clarity Workbook. All beautifully gift boxed and shipped to you with love.

The prices on the dropdown are for a combination of the gift set and the shipping costs. Due to the weight, it just wasn't cost effective to send this via Royal Mail which is why there are no options for Europe/ Rest of World for this.

Things to bear in mind before you place your order

The UK release date for the book is 10th May. It will take 2-3 weeks longer for those of you further afield. I'll start packing and shipping as soon as the books arrive with me (sometime around or before this date).

I'll be sending UK orders via MyHermes and International orders via Royal Mail tracked services. International deliveries generally take 5-7 days and Royal Mail 2-3 days. I know some of the postage options look a little steep - I haven't marked these up, nor have I added anything for packaging and handling.

Please be sure to select the right shipping cost for your country.

We all know that Amazon discount their books. I can't predict what they will launch Brand Brilliance at, but I do want to be fair and transparent and say that I won't be price matching them. I'll totally understand if you want to order via them but please bear this in mind before you order. I won't be cancelling orders or offering refunds because you've found it cheaper online. It's a logistical nightmare!

I should make it very clear that I'm only going to offer these packages before the book goes on sale. This is down to logistics. I don't have the resources to be packing and shipping books once it's out there in the world, so if you would like to preorder, you must do so before 24 April. I

You often ask me if I will sell the Absolute Essentials of Colour Psychology and generally my answer is that it's just reserved for workshop students. I'm making it available in the two gift sets but it won't be available again unless you join a workshop, so if you'd like one, now is a great time to snaffle one up!