Inspiration: The Mixson Bath and Raquet Club


StitchPortfolio_Mixson13-1 One of the most important things about styling a brand well is creating the right impression. It's about making sure that when people walk into a place, when they see your website or they hold one of your brochures, they get it. That they understand what your business is all about, they see your strengths the way you do and they ache to work with you.

In short: the best brand stylists make your business irresistible.


When I saw this project by the incredibly talented Stitch Design Co I knew at once that I'd found the perfect project to launch my inspiration series with. This is everything great brand styling should be. A strong tone of voice, aspirational, confident, exquisite design and striking photography.

I love pretty much everything about this project: from the vision the creative team had to the way they've styled the finished product with the vintage paraphanelia. It's very 'English' in style isn't it? Perhaps that's why I love it so much?


Doesn't this logo and colour scheme make you think Wimbledon in the Fred Perry days?

StitchPortfolio_Mixson9 copy

I love the language they've used here: stuffy, super, remiss: all such evocative and uncommon words. Makes the whole thing so much more compelling.

StitchPortfolio_Mixson8 copy

This bold image and text combination makes a strong impact on the website.


At first I thought they'd just used these kitsch images in their portfolio but then I took a closer look and realised that they've dotted them throughout the marketing collateral. How cute? Seriously.


Vintage racquet + modern hipster style logo = sheer fabulousness.


More fabulous copy and delicious typography.


I even love the way they've styled this up for the photographs. Just gorgeous. What attention to detail.


Vintage photography and contemporary styling makes for an engaging and highly compelling combination.


The two strongest takeaways for me here are Stitch Design Co's use of typography and their copywriting skills, which just lift this project to a whole new level. But more than that, what really stands out is their creative vision.

Stitch worked with Mixson on every last detail and it really shows. From the interior of the clubhouse right down to the members handbook and compliments slips: each has been well considered to create a positive and highly aspirational image.

How about you, what appeals to you about this project?

You can find more examples of the breathtaking work from Stitch Design Co on their website. And you can be sure that I'll be featuring more from them in the future.