In Conversation with Caz Harrison, Making Waves Creative

Hello lovely people! The last post in my mini-series to celebrate the one year anniversary of Brand Brilliance is with the rather wonderful Caz Harrison of Making Waves Creative. Caz is an exceptional designer and one that's very close to my heart, as we've worked together for the last thirteen years.

Caz 's company specialises in brand and website design for consumer and lifestyle businesses and is one of the handful of tried and trusted companies I have in my little black book for client projects.

Caz's work is beautiful. Stylish, strong and typographic. She has a really strong commercial insight and uses that to ensure that her websites are as effective as they are gorgeous.

As someone who produces work of an incredibly high standard, is booked up several months in advance and seems to gain sheer joy from everything she does. I thought it was high time we caught up with her to discover her secrets.

In this podcast we discuss:

  1. How she creates the space and mindset to do her best work. The joy of living by the sea and how to carve out time to really immerse yourself in what you do.
  2. The pros and cons of being booked up months in advance, and how she finds the sweet spot between maintaining her inspiration and creative edge and the reassurance that she has enough work to pay the mortgage.
  3. How there's confidence to be found in saying no to the wrong project. We talk about the early days when we were finding our style, trying to be all things to all people and the impact that had on our work. Finding your style and getting out of the hustle. Caz has some brilliant tips on how to unlock the magic within your style and champion what you do best.


Portrait of Caz Vicki Knights