'I feel so empowered' Notes from the Focus and Thrive workshop

How to articulate last week's Focus and Thrive workshop? It's hard to put everything in to words. But I hope that what follows goes some way to capturing the essence of a truly powerful couple of days.

Our setting was the majestic Beaverbrook hotel in Surrey. When you're thinking big about the year ahead, it really helps to surround yourself with an inspirational setting, and Beaverbrook certainly didn't disappoint. Breathtaking vistas across the hills, a grand country house steeped in history and the gorgeous Garden House filled with light and beauty.

We'd sent our guests a little light preparation before they arrived, so they already had a strong idea of where they were headed; but thrillingly, each and every one of them refined and fortified that vision as the workshop went on. And by the end of the two days they all had clarity around a vision for 2018 that will both work for their business and their ambitions but also their life.

And that's what's key isn't it? It's all very well setting big financial goals, but if you haven't taken into account all of the other elements that make up you as an entrepreneur, it's just not going to work.

Im feeling empowered, strong and relaxed! Elle Winsor Grime

And I guess that's where Elizabeth's work comes into its own. This is the workshop that comes before you brand your business. The one where you work out where you really, truly, authentically want to be headed before you create a brand that supports that direction.

At the heart of Brand Brilliance is my belief that if you can define what makes your business truly special, celebrate that and communicate it with flair then you can create a business that works for you. You don't need to compete on price, prove your worth at every interaction or fight for every scrap of work that comes your way.

The hustle is not real. At least, it doesn't need to be.

And so once we'd started to explore the headline vision for the year, we headed to the screening room (the very room where Winston Churchill watched the war despatches) for my Anti-Hustle Masterclass. Having hustled hard myself, I know how easy it is to fall into that trap of undervaluing yourself so I wanted to give our guests some tangible tools to demonstrate their worth at every level and win the work they want.

One of the really lovely things about Beaverbrook is its sheer scale. And so for lunch, we took a short walk to the Garden House for a delicious lunch before Elizabeth's next session.

For a plan to truly work, you've got to understand what's getting in your way. That might be unproductive habits, people who sap your strength or a focus on something that's not helping you achieve your bigger vision. So we worked on busting blockers and inspiring our participants with the sorts of habits that'll make their businesses thrive.

Back to the house for our final visioning session of the day. And not a moment was wasted! We used the time outside to work through more blockers before taking a truly powerful session out on the veranda. Coming up with a plan for the future is one thing, but if you can internalise it and actually make it your own, that's a whole new thing entirely.

There was plenty of time for notes and planning. Especially on the second day when we started to make the big vision much more tangible.


'2018 is going to be the year of fearless action!' Kim Balusabramain

Our goal was to ensure that each participant left feeling empowered, inspired and clear on the plan for 2018. And I love that each and every student elevated and refined their vision as well as feeling totally able to take on whatever 2018 throws at them.

Celebratory cocktails were, of course, an essential part of rounding off the day. And the Parrot Bar was quite the setting. Think palms, teal velvet, tassels galore and delicious drinks. What's not to love?


'I feel so empowered.' Joanna Cairns, Twisted Willow

Fancy joining us on the next one?

Due to absolutely overwhelming demand, we've added a date for February and we would love to see you there. February is a great time to be thinking about your year ahead - just on the cusp of the start of spring and with a whole host of inspirational sessions planned for you, this is one workshop you will not want to miss.

Early booking is recommended and some of the slots have already been snapped up.

The dates are 21-22 February 2018 and you can find out more information and book right here.