How to Style Your Brand is now temporarily sold out!


Thank you so much for your overwhelming support and enthusiasm for How to Style Your Brand. When I set out on this journey back in January 2014 I never, for one moment, thought it would sell out within eight weeks!! Isn't that nuts? Thank you so much for all your help getting the word out, buying the book and leaving such lovely reviews - like this one that was left on Amazon on Friday!

"The book is beautiful, inspiring and well written... this book gives me all the tools I need to break the process down and look at it clearly step by step. It also includes lots of helpful resources, great examples of what other brands have achieved and very encouraging advice and ideas from Fiona. I'm not at all surprised this is a bestseller, well done Fiona and Thanks!" Shelley Walker

The next reprint of 4,000 is well underway and will be back in the UK hopefully mid-September all being well UPDATE. They have arrived!!! They are currently being unloaded and preorders will be sent out early next week You should have your order in the next week or two. I'm also sending shipments to Amazon but they will take a little longer to clear, so in the meantime I'm still taking orders via the site if you like or you can order via Amazon once  you see them available. Allow a couple more weeks for things to clear on Amazon in the USA.

I've been inundated with emails over the weekend from those of you keen to get your hands on a copy. Unfortunately they are all sold out.

The unscrupulous amazon seller that has listed a couple of copies for £999.11 is absolutely nothing to do with me.

The best way to get hold of a copy

If you would like to pre-order a copy of the next print run, then I'm taking orders via Paypal. All orders will be sent out via my distributor once the books land in their warehouse so it'll be the fastest way to get a copy. We will ship worldwide. As soon as I can confirm rough shipping times with my distributor I'll update here... Please do make sure you use the drop down to pick the appropriate shipping cost.

The books are now with YPD Books, my distributor, so if you find that you're struggling to get hold of a copy via Amazon, or you would like the book shipped overseas, then the best way to order is via their website. You can order How to Style Your Brand here.