Hello 2015! The Brand Stylist Reflects


Well hello there 2015! Didn't you come around quickly? Having spent the last three weeks eating, drinking and generally making merry with friends and family it feels great to be back writing again. I have a feeling 2015 is going to be a fabulous year and I have *so much* to share with you, but first, I wanted to reflect on some of my highlights from 2014. It's been an incredible year, definitely one to celebrate (and boy, did we...). And so in no particular order, some of my favourite work achievements and moments...


Working with my friend Rona Wheeldon of Flowerona fame on her Social Media for Florists workshops. It was an honour to work alongside Rona and meet such inspirational and super-talented florists at the workshop. I've been in my element planning these workshops with Rona: she has given me free rein creatively and it's been so much fun! Rona works so hard and deserves all of the success she's had this year. I'm really excited to see what next year holds.

social for florists-1-2

Teaching with Holly Becker on the Blog Boss Ecourse. If you'd told me this time last year that I'd have taught alongside one of my blogging heroes so soon after launching my business I'd never had thought it possible but we had a blast working together. Holly was every bit as energetic, inspirational and motivating as I'd hoped she might be. I'm really looking forward to working with her again - hopefully later this year if our diaries allow. Watch this space!


Seeing some of my consultancy clients' businesses flourish - especially Ditto whose portfolio and process has just transformed this year. It's been wonderful to see the quality of work Ditto have produced and in such a very short space of time too. I've loved working alongside already successful business owners and helping them up their game. It's wonderful to see the results in the design work and also the bottom line. Recently I travelled to Scunthorpe to a company at the start of their journey who are already producing breathtakingly great things. Now if anyone has a design business in New York or Barbados they'd like me to consult for please form an orderly queue...

creative direction-1-3

Flexing my commercial and creative mind with various Creative Direction projects for small businesses across the UK and US. I LOVE planning and writing websites, setting the creative direction for a brand and finding a clear focus from a contradictory brief. It's been great to be able to play to my strengths and have fun at the same time. Looking forward to sharing some of these projects later this month...

creative direction-1-5

Writing my book! I've had this book in my head for years now and I'm so excited that this is the year you'll finally be able to have it in your hands. It's on branding for small businesses: particularly for people starting a business or blog or rebranding an already successful business. It's the book I've always wanted to find for my best friend, my sister in law or the mum at the school gates setting up a business who asks me "Where do I start?", "How do I find the right designer to work with?" and "How do I know if what I have in my head is right for my business?". This month I am going to be working furiously on the design and by the end of the month it'll be with the printers. I'm hoping to post a bit more of an update for you very soon...


Launching my first colour psychology workshop to such enthusiasm and positive reviews. I've always been an advocate of Big Thinking and I'm actually quite proud of myself for taking such a big space and creating a real event out of the day. From the food to the handouts (more like a book really) to the slides and the decor, it takes a lot of hard graft to pull off every single detail but I wouldn't have it any other way. I consider myself to be very lucky to have a job that's so inspirational and rewarding and I'm really looking forward to the next workshop in March (hint, hint - you can book your place here).

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Connecting with some super talented industry giants who have been nothing but supportive and lovely. Every time I fire off an introduction email I'm convinced that one of them will ask me who on earth I think I am wanting to feature their work on my blog or in my book but nope, every single one has been just wonderful to work with. So thank you, all of you, you know who you are. (Image courtesy Braizen)

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Finally, last and by no means least, building my blog again. I don't post as often as I'd like to, I never have as much time to craft each post as I'd like and I still have a notebook ramajammed with ideas for 'must write' posts but in the six months this blog has been live you've shown up time and again. You've subscribed to the blog, you've joined the newsletter and you've left some lovely comments: both here and on my social media channels. I'm so, so grateful for the support and the feedback and I'm really looking forward to sharing much more with you this year. Thank you so much.

Have a fabulous 2015 - I have a feeling it's going to be an exciting one!