happy to be back...


And so here we are. A new term and a fresh new start for me. Poppy, my youngest, started school this week and for the first time ever, it looks like I may actually have a little time. I use this term 'time' loosely. Anyone who's had a reception age child will know that 'settling in' sessions are few and far between. Every time one of my children has started school I've thanked my lucky stars that I don't have a conventional job that requires military precision childcare arrangements for this very stop-start beginning to term.

My intentions for the year ahead

But I digress. The point is that after a thoroughly restorative summer, I'm happy to be back at my desk and excited for what my business might look like come 25th September when the 'baby' is at school full time.

I've talked on many occasions about how one of my greatest strengths is my lack of time. It keeps me focused, ensures I make the right decisions and helps me stay vital and inspired. I'm determined that this newfound time (after fourteen years of being a mum and an entrepreneur) doesn't just blend into a general nothingness, so I've decided to to start some positive habits.

I've been thinking a lot over the summer about what I might want my Autumn term to look like. Exercise every weekday is an important one for me. So I'll mix up yoga, pilates and barre with running with friends. I've learned that the key is to go straight after dropoff, so that I don't get too settled or comfy at my desk. Especially when it's cold, wet and windy - which, let's face it, is the British weather for a good 10 months of the year.

A foray into video

'More photography' was something that I also want to make time for - and in particular, I'd love to start sharing some video with you.

I really enjoyed shooting the lessons for the Colour for Creatives course with Duncan and I've been really inspired by what Wardrobe Icons are doing with their videos. So I've bought a new camera (a Canon 80d), a new lens and a wireless microphone and I'm going to start having a go. Be gentle with me - it might take me a while to climb this learning curve but I'm looking forward to it.

And in a couple of weeks, Xanthe Berkley's Make Film course starts and I've enrolled on that too. So expect some creative films too. In the meantime, this stop motion of me wrapping a gift box is about the extent of my video production skill right now. I think I have a lot to learn ;) Especially cutting nicely at the end so you don't get that abrupt 'stop'. Hey ho, I hope you enjoyed.

A brand new workshop

I do love running workshops. And having focused almost all of my time on launching Brand Brilliance and getting my first and second retreats off the ground, I've missed the creative immersion in styling, planning and running live workshops. I will definitely look to do something big at Brixton East next year, but right now, I want to do something more intimate and cosy that's reflective of the autumn season.

So I've invited the wonderful Elizabeth Cairns to help me create a really special two day intensive workshop in November - the 21st and 22nd to be precise. A business planning workshop with a real difference that'll set you up beautifully for the year ahead. We'll be launching details very soon - right now, do save the date, as is if the speed at which the retreat sold out is anything to go by, the spaces won't hang around for very long.

I should also add that Sophie Robinson and I will be reuniting on 16th November for another of our fabulous Colour for Interiors workshops. If you are an interiors blogger, product designer or interior designer do join us, it's going to be incredible. There are just four slots available so do be quick! More details on Sophie's website...


New online workshops coming soon

Finally. Oh. My. Goodness. Thank you. Thank you so much for making my very first online workshop quite so special! It's been wonderful to see so many of you enjoying the much anticipated Colour for Creatives course and I'm thrilled to see it's had such a positive reception - 5***** reviews all round. Thank you! I really, really enjoyed putting this together and I have plans to launch two more before the end of the autumn term.

I'm going to be starting with a Design for Entrepreneurs course. And I can't wait! Do you ever find that the things you produce in-house look a little, well, different to those your designer produces? They really don't need to. Once you understand how design works, you can make sure that every single thing you send out looks professional.

You'll still want to use a designer for the important things. And I'm not promising you the creativity, experience and flair of your favourite designer in an online course. But you can create proposals, reports, invoices, leaflets, posters and so on that don't leak credibility and don't look homemade.

And this is where you guys come in...

Your chance to get involved in the next course

I would love to show lots of 'before and after' examples. Media Kits, proposals, design presentations, letterheads - the works. And I'd love to show some real examples.

You know me by now. I'm not going to be mean about what you've done.

I'll be constructive and then I'll show you (and the class) how to make your literature look as though a pro has done it. What's not to love! So... if you'd like the opportunity to be featured and have your work 'made over' then please do email me - submissions@fionahumberstone.com.

A couple of points...

  1. You must own the copyright or have permission to use any images you send me
  2. A PDF is absolutely fine for now. If you're selected I may ask you to send over separate assets (fonts, images etc)
  3. Please make sure you don't include any sensitive information. Just blank anything out or put something innocuous in if you don't want me to share things like client names or what you've charged
  4. If your work is selected, I'll send you a video of the makeover and also an indesign file with the template in it
  5. As the design work is for illustrative purposes, I won't make any 'changes' to my design or take feedback on board but you're free to adapt as you like


What can I send in?

Anything you use to promote your business with. I'm not entirely sure whether I'll stick with print design right now or whether I'll include some digital stuff. We definitely won't be looking at websites - that's a whole course in it's own right. So think things that are printed or could be printed, including but not limited to...

terms and conditions ·  proposals  ·  letterheads  ·  business cards  ·  media kits  ·  client presentations  ·  free downloads from your blog  ·  handouts  ·  checklists etc  ·  workbooks  ·  services brochures  ·  leaflets  ·  postcards  ·

Cannot WAIT to see what you send me! I'm impatient to get started, as ever, so whilst I don't have a deadline as such, I'd imagine I'll have selected those I'd like to get my teeth into by next Friday. So aim to have me everything by the 22ndif possible?

One more thing... please don't send in hundreds of things. Just a maximum of three...

I'm so looking forward to seeing what you send in and I cannot WAIT to get started on creating this new course for you. Happy September all!