Happy new year! + A New Resource for You


Welcome back! Did you have a wonderful Christmas break? Everyone I've spoken this week seems to have come back to work refreshed, recharged and raring to go, I know I have. I spent all of last week creating my business plan for the year. Thinking about what I want to do, where I want to go and the work I'll find most inspiring. I've been knee deep in spreadsheets and sketchbooks; planners and diaries; mind maps and lists. And I'm finally starting to get a clear picture of what I'll be doing over the next six to twelve months.

I need to be realistic about what I can take on this year. With just 18 months before my youngest starts school I am more determined than ever to balance my time at work with the time I know I will never get back again. I can always follow my ambitions and take on more work, but my family will only be small for so long.

I read a brilliant post on Holly's blog last week and inspired by that, I'd like to share some of my goals with you. Here are my hopes and dreams for 2016.

I'd like to travel more. New York, Ibiza and Estonia are currently on the planner but I'm open to more. I want to create more resources for this blog. I plan to run more workshops, both for companies and groups but also online, although realistically it's going to be the latter part of the year before I'll have time to create anything new.

How to Style Your Brand has been more successful than I could have imagined or hoped for, but there's more I'd like to do with it. I'd like to make it available in more retailers (especially Anthropologie and the independent bookshops), expand it's profile in the States and explore foreign language editions. This year I partnered with a lovely lady in Estonia who has a great network and has essentially brought the book to the Estonian market. I'd love to team up with more people overseas interested in selling and distributing my book.

And whilst I love my consultancy work and one to one clients, I'm going to be stripping things right back and ridiculously, am now fully booked until July.

Of course, the big plan is to work on book two. It's a massive undertaking. Planning, writing, editing, refining, not to mention designing, styling, photographing and preparing for print. That's my priority right now. I'm already well into the writing but realistically it'll be the end of the year before I've sent it to print.

So lots planned for the year and I'm excited to get started. How about you? What does 2016 hold in store for you? What are your goals for the year? And have you planned as ridiculously far ahead as me?

The New Year Brand Shakedown

New Year Brand Shakedown Planning Tool-2
New Year Brand Shakedown Planning Tool-2

In celebration of the new year, and also to help you prepare for the year ahead, I've put together a short workbook to help you check in with your brand and make sure that it's powerfully aligned with your commercial goals. I've called it The Brand Shakedown for want of a better name and the idea is really to help you get focused and identify any tweaks that might help make doing business easier this year.

You'll find the PDF on the downloads page and you'll need to sign up to the newsletter to access it if you haven't already. Enjoy!