Gone Fishing


It's that time of year again! The glorious, six-week summer holiday and I am clocking off and clocking out until September. This year has been pretty incredible for me and The Brand Stylist. The launch of Brand Brilliance, the high of The Brand Stylist Retreat and the sell out sensation of the 2018 retreat. Not to mention the overwhelming reaction to the long-awaited Colour for Creatives Online Workshop. It's been a really, really amazing year and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support.

I'm very lucky to have a job that I love. I realise that. I'm lucky to have a job that inspires me, that takes me places I could only dream of, that continues to challenge me and that pays well. I'm lucky to be able to choose the work I take on, to follow through on a vision and to work with a whole raft of incredibly talented people who inspire me to go on to do bigger and better things. Isn't that the joy of running a creative business?

I've written lots about my philosophy for creating a better business in Brand Brilliance. And I truly believe that it's something we can all implement in our own businesses.

The importance of rest

What I'm also utterly evangelical about is taking the time to rest. To switch off. To re-energise, to be re-inspired and to reconnect with what really matters. There hasn't been much time for that this year.

My biggest strength in my business is my lack of time. I have around ten hours of childcare a week (after the fitness classes, I realise, but those are genuinely essential to being fit and well to work) so I have to be incredibly focused around what I take on.

only work on projects that play to my strengths. That inspire me, challenge me and I know I can add value to. I never fanny around. I'm always super-efficient because I know that if I'm not, I have to compromise on working while the children are around, which I HATE to do. I've done it quite a bit this year and I don't like it.

Next year, Poppy, my youngest, starts school and everything will change. After fourteen years of having a child at home, I'll suddenly have around 30 hours a week to get my work done. I suspect I'll still be just as focused. I suspect I'll also still not have enough time. Such is life!

Anyway, my point is that only working in term times not only means I don't compromise on the quality of my work. It also means I get to take regular breaks where I stop, rest and then set my vision for the next six-week half term. That's how I can continue to elevate my business and continue to challenge myself.

So it's time to kick back. To get up late and have lunch in our pyjamas. To spend long lazy evenings with friends by the pool and head off on adventures, near and far. We're off to France. We'll visit the West Country and the New Forest.

We'll hang out with old friends, with family and with some of our nearest and dearest. And most of all, we'll have fun just being. There will be lots of cooking. Lots of making. Some painting (outside if I get my way) and lots of walks. There will be ice-cream, there will be gin and there will be rest. Can't wait.

See you on the other side. Have a wonderful summer, whatever you're up to. I'll be back on the 11th September.