G . F Smith x The Brand Stylist: A workshop on Colour Psychology


G  .  F  Smith are quite possibly The World's Coolest Paper Company and a few weeks ago I had the very great honour of working with them and their gorgeous team of paper consultants. If you haven't come across G  .  F   Smith yet, then my goodness are you in for a treat. They produce absolutely exquisite papers in a whole heap of finishes and colours. They are innovative, dynamic and really, really nice people.

I'd met some of the team at Paperfest last year and they invited me to run a session for their paper consultants on colour psychology.


Together we spent a really creative, innovative and hands on day exploring how the team could use colour psychology to better understand their clients' brands.

It was a chance for the team to engage with their beautiful product in a different way as well as add to their extensive skill set.

"Enlightening!" Paul Scharf

"A totally new perspective on categorising colour." Mark Jessett

"Really insightful, well structured and fun!" Vanessa Fletcher

We had a really intensive day together during which we categorised the entire collection into seasons (all I can say is: Wow!) and I'm really excited to see where the company go with their newfound knowledge. I'm looking forward to seeing what's next and getting involved with some very exciting future plans! Watch this space...


Oh, and if you're in the UK and haven't ordered your copy of The Collection yet then you must! You're in for a real treat. Legion Paper sell all 50 Colorplan papers in the US and have a really inspiring set of paper samples too...

I really loved adapting the theory for an in house team and this is definitely something I'm looking forward to doing more of in the future. Images by the wonderful Katie Spicer Photography.