40 Fabulous Photographers


If, like me, you’re still riding high from the buzz surrounding the 40 Brilliant Brand Designers Edit, you’ll probably be thrilled to hear that today I’m launching the search for my curated collection of Fabulous Photographers.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed this edit in the past week alone. I’ve had so many conversations with people who need recommendations for photographers and I’m really excited to put this edit together. I know this is going to be another immensely powerful and hotly anticipated resource, so, friends, the search is on.

If you’re a brilliant photographer, or you know of one, I want to hear from you! I want to create the most inspirational, aspirational and wonderful list full of incredible photographers and I know that there are tons of you out there.


What I’m looking for

This edit is all about creating an invaluable resource-book full of phenomenal photographers for entrepreneurs. Some of you might specialise in headshots, others in lifestyle. Some of you may be turbo-charged product photographers, others more focused around creating visual content for social media. Maybe you love to shoot fashion, food or editorial; interiors or gardens; perhaps your bag is workshops and events…

There’s definitely a place for all of you in the edit since as entrepreneurs, we have such diverse needs. Photography is a crucial part of creating the right impact and it extends well beyond those who are brand photography specialists (although I’m looking forward to including lots of you too). It’s almost impossible to launch a new website, build a strong presence on social media or create printed communications without a set of great images, so this resource really feels like it wanted to be done yesterday. I’ll do my best!


How to get involved

Submissions open today and will take approximately five to ten minutes to complete. The closing date is midnight GMT on Sunday 5 May but it’s definitely worth entering right now, before you forget.

I’ve created a simple submissions form that’ll streamline the gargantuan review and curation process as much as possible. It’s essential you complete all the details on the form. I am not able to take email submissions.

Also, even if you think you’re on my radar, as before, please, please, please follow the process or you’ll be overlooked, and I’d be mortified if that was the case.

For this initiative, and any future projects, you’ll notice that there is a very small submission fee of £35. This is going to be an incredible resource for entrepreneurs and for those of you selected, will have a hugely positive impact commercially on your business. It’s a project I’d like to repeat year on year and this modest investment ensures that this, and subsequent projects are sustainable, viable and of the quality you’ve come to expect from The Brand Stylist.

Just wanted to let you know that I got my first enquiry from the 40 Brand Designers Edit. Thank you so much!
— Leanne Williamson

Clearly, the business benefits are being featured on the list are pretty huge but whether you’re selected or not, the process of submitting is such a valuable one. How often do we have the opportunity to see our business objectively? How often do we get the chance to have our work and our website reviewed by an objective creative director?

Even if you don’t make the final edit, this project will have such a positive impact on your business. Getting involved gives you the opportunity to look at your portfolio, reassess your work and explore the impact you’re creating to prospective clients. I plan to produce another Notes from the Edit resource afterwards too which will be directly based on the websites I review and will give you the opportunity to raise your game.

Good luck! I’m really looking forward to seeing what you send me.

a few questions…

I’m worried my work isn’t good enough, is it worth me applying?

Yes! Absolutely. In my experience, we quite often underestimate just how brilliant we are, this might just give you the confidence boost you need. I’ve had a number of people on the Brand Designer edit tell me that they weren’t expecting to get through, that it’s come at a really needed time and that they were so glad they found the courage to get involved. Do it - I promise I won’t be mean.

are you going to be giving individual feedback?

No. I will be producing Notes from the Edit, which, if you’ve read the one for the designers (downloadable from the website) you’ll know will be hugely valuable. Due to the number of submissions I anticipate this initiative generating, it’s just not going to be possible to get back to you individually, thank you so much for asking.

Are you going to list those that don’t make the cut?

Most definitely not. This is about raising creatives up not cutting them down. Naming and shaming is just not my style so I will absolutely not be publishing a list of those who didn’t make the final edit.

i’m in the process of updating my website, how long do i have?

I’m not even going to begin the review process until after May 6th so I’d encourage you to get your submission in and set yourself a deadline to update your portfolio. It’s a great reason to put that job that we all put off into action!

Does that mean I should be updating my website?

No, not at all! If in doubt, much better to enter and have your name in the running than allow something silly like that put you off. This list is going to be incredibly powerful in terms of generating business for those on it so I’d recommend that most of all, you just get your name down. Good luck!

I’ve entered, hurrah! what do I need to do now?

Absolutely nothing. I have everything I need in the form and on your website, so sit back, relax and know that you’ve taken the first step in getting your work out to a potentially new audience.

is this open worldwide?

Yes! Most definitely. I have a worldwide following who are all eager for photographer recommendation so it’s absolutely something I’ll be opening up for people all over the globe.

where do I apply?


when will you be getting back to us?

Realistically, its likely to be early June, but without knowing how many submissions I’ll get it’s impossible for me to put a time on it. Either way, I will definitely be back to you.