Five Creative Techniques for Building a Mood Board {Guest Post by Gudy Herder}


Well hello there you lovely lot! Today I'm thrilled to have Gudy Herder sharing her tips for creating standout mood boards. You know that I'm a huge fan of mood boarding, but I was more than a little intrigued when Gudy got in touch to discuss collaborating. Gudy is a trend expert, professional mood boarder and one of those people that just brings light and calm into your life. We've already collaborated on a piece for Gudy's newsletter and now ahead of the Colour for Creatives workshop I'm really excited to share some of her thoughts on building a creative mood board. Over to you, Gudy! five-creative-techniques-for-building-a-mood-board

Good morning and a warm 'hola' from Barcelona. It's Gudy from Eclectic Trends, and I am very honoured to work with Fiona and have a little presentation at her Colour for Creatives workshop this month in London. I will talk about certain techniques when it comes to building a well structured mood board but today I would love to share one of the topics I teach during my workshops: creative techniques for building a mood board.

The most common mood boards you find are washi-taped on a wall or photographed from a bird's-eye -view. But there are so many more possibilities. Let's see five different ways of creating an inspiration board.


EclecticTrends-5 creative mood board techniques-string

Image credits 1. Leslie Shewring 2. Cherry Blossom World 3. Petra Bindel Photography 4. Home of Lindsay Stetson Thompson

You can hang them vertical or horizontal and once installed the structure, it's very easy to change the content. My tip here: make sure you add textures, it makes it just so much more interesting! Findings from a forest walk, fabric swatches or pressed flowers are some of the materials I would probably go for.


EclecticTrends-5 creative mood board techniques- hangers

Image credits: 1. Riazzoli 2. CarolineDailyParis 3. The Happy Home Blog 4.  ByFryd

We all owned at a certain point the practical wooden skirt hangers from IKEA, right? Why not using them in a different way? If you want to go for a more customised look, try some chalk paint, the colour palette is wonderful! The great thing about this type of paint is there is no sanding needed and it's really easy to apply. But if you rather prefer a more minimal look, metallic hangers should do the trick.


EclecticTrends-5 creative mood board techniques-Iron grid

Image credits 1. Stilinspiration 2. Hitta Hem 3. Homesick 4. Apartment 34

Probably not the easiest material to get your hands on but a hardware store should provide. Iron mesh is great for an airy, contemporary and even more industrial look. My suggestion is to hang your materials with wooden pegs add some warmth.


EclecticTrends-5 creative mood board techniques-wood panel

Image credits: 1. A Beautiful Mess 2. A Merry Mishap 3. Trendenser 4. IKEA Family Life Magazine

Wooden panels are great for any room being it your kitchen (for recipes and your kids drawings) or your office with tear sheets, Instagram pictures or colour samples. Instead of calling it an inspiration board you could use it as a tool to remember your to do's, hang your calendar, business cards, etc. Another possibility is using it for your living room hanging it horizontal where this panel could serve as a sort of art gallery support for posters and photography.


EclecticTrends-5 creative mood board techniques-chalk board

Image credits: 1. Karson Butler Events 2. Chalkwhite Arrow 3. Julie Pointer by Dart Photography 4. Eva Black Design

Combining proper chalk notes, printed images and other materials is just a wonderful way of repurposing the original school boards. I see them in a kitchen, home office and kids rooms. You could even have it in your entrance asking your guests to leave you a note upon arriving or leaving.

I hope I have given you a few additional ideas and that I'll see you at the Colour For Creatives workshop on March, 24!

If you can't make it and want to learn more about how to efficiently structure a mood board, I am currently producing an online course. Please sign up if you want to be the first to know once it's published. And now I'd love to hear, how do you use your mood boards? Warmly, Gudy