Filming the Design for Go-Getters course


There's possibly a myth that I am possibly responsible for perpetuating that I'm Super-Efficient and Very Focused and that I always achieve what I plan to in a given timeframe. Well... this is a timely reminder to us all that whilst I have many, many days like that. I have many also when things just don't move as fast as I'd like. Days when I struggle to find my inspiration or my reason for doing what I'm doing and when things just feel a bit, well, harder.

As you'll know if you've been following me on Instagram, this term has been all about launching my Design for Go-Getters course. In typical 'me' style, it is of course taking longer than I'd anticipated. And I'm finding that a little frustrating. BUT, I don't want to put anything out there that's less than my best work, so I am reminding myself that it's all good and all will be well in the end.

This term has been a real learning curve for me as I adapt to being a mum whose children are all at school. Predictably, this magical thing called time hasn't appeared and I'm having to find new ways of maintaining my wellbeing, inspiration and productivity. I'm still working it out, but one thing that's helped massively is not checking my emails until I've ticked some things off my list. Try it! I challenge you to leave your emails alone until after 12pm every day. It makes such a difference.

I'm also exercising (or getting outside for a walk) every, single morning. And I'm aiming to stop at around 2pm for a walk - even if just for ten minutes, to refresh my spirits and clear my head. It's working.

Anyhow, back to the course.

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely Duncan McCabe and Katie Spicer popped over for a day of shooting the Design for Go-Getters online course. It was an intense day and we had a lot of laughs. Duncan has recorded some beautiful footage and Katie's captured some great shots. In fact, I feel so inspired now I'm starting to drop them into place - it's really bringing everything together.

Here are a few behind the scenes shots from the day and also a little sneak peek, below, of what you might expect from the course. I'm still hoping to launch later this month, but we will have to see how it all comes together. I'll keep you posted... Have a great week!

A little sneak peek...