"Fabulous and Inspiring" Notes from The March Colour for Creatives Workshop


Where has that last month gone? Time to share some gorgeous photographs from the last few workshops I think. On March 24th a seriously inspirational bunch gathered together in London for my Colour for Creatives workshop. Here are the long-overdue details with photography by my very clever friend Matt Pereira... Fiona Humberstone Colour Psychology for Creatives workshop_0014

What a fun-filled and fabulous day! I loved meeting and working with every single student, from designers I've known only virtually for years to new names and faces I really hope to stay in touch with. There was a real mix, from florists and artists to interior designers, bloggers, a virtual assistant and even a scientist! We had students from Seattle and New York, Barcelona and Madrid as well as from all corners of the UK. There was a real buzz throughout the day and that was great to see.

Fiona Humberstone Colour Psychology for Creatives workshop_0027

As well as my planned agenda, I put on a bonus session with Gudy Herder on Mood Boarding with Intention which worked really well, there were some very beautiful mood boards produced! Oh, and I took my two advance copies of my new book to show the students which was really fun (and a little scary for me).

Fiona Humberstone Colour Psychology for Creatives workshop_0018

We kicked off the day with an overview of colour psychology, of the seasons and how to use it to create a brand that resonates before each student worked through what season their business should be. This can be quite a challenge depending on what you do and how long you've been in business, and so for some there were instant pennies dropping and for others it took a little more time to work out.

Fiona Humberstone Colour Psychology for Creatives workshop_0009

Each student took home a copy of my Absolute Essentials of Colour Psychology which I'd redesigned to reflect the look of How to Style Your Brand. It was a lot of work but I'm glad I did it, and it's a lovely keepsake from the day as well as a really useful resource to refer back to again and again.

Fiona Humberstone Colour Psychology for Creatives workshop_0001

Since we had people flying in from around the world, I used an English spring as my inspiration for the styling. Pretty, spring flowers like primroses, muscari and splashes of soft yellow daffs; very English cocktails like an Elderflower Gin and Tonic and Cucumber and Mint flavoured waters. We also bought the most beautiful magnolia blossom branches which greeted our guests as they arrived.

Fiona Humberstone Colour Psychology for Creatives workshop_0002

What a very lovely bunch of students, they made the day so fun and energised. Billy, in the middle, was with us for both the colour workshop and also the branding for florists workshop and it was great to see him bouncing around the next day - pennies having dropped overnight!

Fiona Humberstone Colour Psychology for Creatives workshop_0010

There were delicious cakes from Maddie, sadly I didn't get to try everything, but as usual, what I did try was gorgeous. I loved how she tied these orange and almond cakes into my colour scheme.

Fiona Humberstone Colour Psychology for Creatives workshop_0017

After elevenses it was all about the mood boarding, and I was thrilled to welcome trend forecaster and professional mood-boarder Gudy Herder, to run a short session on creating a mood board with intention. She gave some really great tips and it really showed in the final work because I've never seen such professional and inspirational mood boards in any workshop I've run before. So much so, that I've invited Gudy to run the session in my next workshop in November.

Fiona Humberstone Colour Psychology for Creatives workshop_0011

There were some seriously gorgeous mood boards created.

Fiona Humberstone Colour Psychology for Creatives workshop_0012

I loved seeing how the students worked so well together, and that's something I'm going to encourage much more of in the next workshop. I'm planning lots more group exercises which should be a lot of fun!

Fiona Humberstone Colour Psychology for Creatives workshop_0013

And lots of debate as well as the cutting, sticking, drawing and even painting!

Fiona Humberstone Colour Psychology for Creatives workshop_0015

Jeanne and Patricia, who had come all the way from Seattle and New York respectively brought their paints with them and so created some utterly beautiful sketches throughout the day! I was so inspired by their talent and creativity.

Fiona Humberstone Colour Psychology for Creatives workshop_0003

The food, as always, was delicious. Maddie Hatton, our fabulous chef, had broken her ribs the week before but still managed to pull together an absolute feast (with a little help from her friends!). We had a lovely spicy salmon, a beetroot and herb salad, a courgette and butternut squash salad with dill and a heavenly frittata. Oh, and Maddie's now famous goats cheese course which I'm always too full to eat on the day!

Fiona Humberstone Colour Psychology for Creatives workshop_0004

After lunch the focus moved on to how colour psychology works with branding. So we looked at how the seasonal personalities influence your choice of fonts, pattern, photography style, even shape as well as the obvious colour tones.

Fiona Humberstone Colour Psychology for Creatives workshop_0016

Finally, we finished the day by kicking back over a cocktail or two. I love this part of the day: planning what we'll make, writing out the instructions in my very renegade 'modern calligraphy' style and dreaming up the garnishes. And more to the point, having a chance to relax and chat with everyone.

This time I kept things simple and we enjoyed a very English Gin and Tonic, with either Fentimans Tonic which I love or their Elderflower Tonic which I'm told was delicious (and no, sadly they haven't sponsored this post...). I always have to drive home from my workshops so I couldn't drink much but I did taste the Lillet Rose Spring Cocktail, which, with its' pretty pink hue was the perfect round off to the day.

What a very lovely group of people to spend the day with.

Like to join us next time?

My next Colour for Creatives workshop will be held on Thursday 12th November in London. Booking is now open and if you'd like to spend the day immersed in colour and creativity (as well as flowers and delicious food) then I would love to have you join us! Gudy Herder will be running her bonus Mood Boarding with Intention session as well as being on hand throughout the day to help us create some jaw-droppingly beautiful boards.

Blog Posts about the day

I've been so touched by the lovely things people have said about the workshop, here are just a few of the lovely comments.

"I gained confidence in myself and a clear vision of what I want for my business" Begona Suso, Mandarina Showroom

"You inspired me to look at my business with fresh eyes.  I had a blast meeting other creatives and was impressed by how accessible and easy to understand you made the subject." Linda Leuinissen, Dutches

"You really have awakened some more of the creativity in me and challenged me away from my winter mindset into the abundance that is Autumn. Hooray!!" Renie Gray, Beyond Gray

Helen Stewart has podcasted and blogged about the workshop (around 9 minutes in) and said some very lovely things, thank you Helen! "I arrived to find a bouquet of spring flowers tied to the door of a character filled warehouse building in Brixton and immediately knew the day would be something special."

"Highly recommended" Sarah Burghard's post  describes the day as "crammed full of interesting information and tips"

"Inspiring, energetic and full of ideas" said the lovely Jeanne in her post "in a few hours Fiona gave me insight not only to my brand, but what defines my work as an artist, what makes it unique to me"

PVE has written two posts about the day, firstly, one about how she is "fully loaded with inspiration" hurrah! and another lovely snippet here. So good to see her energy sparked and her fun upgraded!

If you'd like to find out more about colour psychology, do take a look at my Absolute Essentials of Colour Psychology post and of course, it would be great to have you join us on the workshop in November!