Elevate and other resources for brand designers

It’s a pretty well-acknowledged fact that along with January, July and August are Officially The Worst Months to Launch Anything. The thing was, I just couldn’t get this idea of a programme for brand designers out of my mind. I desperately wanted to offer something in the autumn and I knew that the only way to make that work was to launch the programme in July.

Elizabeth and I had planned out the detail, we’d written the copy for the web page and if I say so myself, it was sounding pretty amazing. But it was July, and as I say, no one wants to sign up for anything in July… Still, I pressed on, launched it and kind of hid my head behind my hands.

I had all sorts of communications planned, and then boom! Nine people signed up for The Elevate programme within 20 minutes. Then four more, and we sold out completely in less than 24 hours. In JULY!!!

To say I was bowled over was an understatement… It was definitely a champagne day!

I’ve since had lots of emails and Insta messages from lots of you either wanting to sign up, or keen to know if it’s for beginners.


Will I be running another course?

To take your first question, will I run it again? I certainly hope so! I am beyond excited to be running this, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for years.

My intention is to run another Elevate in January. In my experience, it’s a pretty quiet time for designers and so the perfect time to be working on your business. I’ll most likely open bookings in November, so if you’re keen to join us, make sure you’re following me on Instagram and are signed up to the mailing list to find out more.


Can I join as a beginner?

Elevate has been very specifically designed for experienced brand designers to help them, well, elevate. I’m not teaching you how to style a brand, it’s more about giving you the benefit of my discerning eye and my experience to help you elevate your existing process.

I’ve worked with so many designers over the past couple of decades and seen the same things crop up, time and again, that get in the way of you guys reaching your creative and commercial potential. This programme is about helping you do your best work with the very best clients for you.


If you’re right at the start of your journey, I’d recommend you start with a few simple resources and aim to either join the January, or more realistically, the September 2020 class. Get the basics in place and then you’ll be poised to make the most of everything we have to offer in the class.

First up, if you haven’t read Brand Brilliance and How to Style your Brand then I’d suggest those as your first port of call. They will give you a really thorough overview of the process and will provide a great starting point.

From there, take the Brand Clarity, Brand Vision, Design for Go-Getters and Colour for Creatives online courses. I know that all have been designed with entrepreneurs in mind, but honestly, whether you’re at the start of your career or mid-way through, you’ll find tons of inspiration and also ways to elevate your work through these classes.

Once you’ve implemented your learnings from these, you’ll be poised to make the most of Elevate. For me, one of my aims with Elevate is to help designers produce more intentional work.

It’s about having the confidence to nail the brief, to sell your idea into your client and have the creative confidence to constantly push the boundaries and produce exceptional work.

If you work is exquisitely crafted and you have a solid understanding of the theory of colour psychology and the tools you have available to you to create the right impact for a brand (Brand Vision) then you’ll be really well placed to get the most out of the programme. Better still, if you’ve taken Brand Clarity and you have the perspective for streamlining a set of objectives so that you can truly nail a brief, you’ll be on fire! Then we can focus on the business of really elevating.

Remember, there is no quick fix to being an incredible designer. It takes vision, focus and hard work. Investing in your skills is an essential part of being a successful entrepreneur, in whatever field you’re in. Have a wonderful summer lovelies and enjoy that learning!