Eight reasons to enter your work for Forty Photographers

The Forty Phenomenal Photographers Initiative is about creating a hugely rich resource for the entrepreneurs who need recommendations for brilliant photographers. It’s about celebrating some those talented creatives who help us communicate our brilliance and make us and our businesses look gorgeous every day.

Just as the Forty Brilliant Brand Designers is a curated edit of some of the best brand designers I’ve had the pleasure of discovering this year, so I’m now planning on doing the same for photographers. And I need your help to make this the very best it can be.


It’s nigh on impossible to create a website or function on social media without a set of gorgeous images. Whatever your business does, photography is absolutely fundamental to creating a brilliant brand. And I’m not just talking about brand photographers.

If you are a photographer who shoots for businesses: in whatever shape or form, I would LOVE to see you get involved in this project. You can submit your work here. The closing date is Monday 6 May but do it now, before you forget!

Many of us need landscape or interior photographers, food or fashion photographers or garden, lifestyle or editorial specialists. Perhaps you have a children’s clothing company and actually love to use a newborn or family photographer who can capture the perfect look for you? One of my favourite photographers, Cecelina is actually a wedding photographer but I love her style so much, it works really well for us.

The finished edit will be available to download from my website and will be promoted across all of my social channels, newsletter list and website. It’s going to be awesome.

If you’re still wondering whether you should submit, here are eight reasons it’s worth getting involved…

The confidence this has given me has been profound.
— Leanne Williamson
  1. the commercial opportunity

Let’s just get the obvious one out there right now, shall we? Being featured in the final edit is going to have a pretty massive impact on your business commercially. Thousands have downloaded the brand designer edit in just a matter of weeks and the featured designers are already seeing a hugely positive effect on their businesses. Over the course of the year this is going to be big…

Oh my goodness! Words can’t express how honoured, thankful and inspired I feel!
— Andrea Crouse

2. the confidence boost

Being selected for something like this isn’t just a boost to your bottom line, it’ll energise you so much and that’s a good thing in so many ways. As I’ve said before, this project is about lifting as many of you up as possible, I want to celebrate your gorgeous work. Go on, give it a go!

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work, thank you for giving back to the design community and thank you for the feedback document you put together.
— Anonymous

3. the chance to elevate

Honestly, honestly, honestly you do not need to put in a load of work before you enter this. Unlike the Brand Designers, I’m not judging you on your website (although a gorgeous one will undoubtedly help). I’m looking at your work.

I’m looking at whose portfolio most blows my mind and who I could confidently recommend a client get in touch with.

There is no need to get your brand updated or your website revamped before you enter. But you might want to use this as an opportunity to spend a brief hour or so tightening up your portfolio and making sure your work creates the very best impact possible. What a brilliant opportunity to do something we so often put off!

4. there’s space for all genres

One of the things I adore about working with entrepreneurs is the variety of businesses I get to work with. You all have such different needs for your photography which is why I’m keen to get as many of you involved as possible. So to reiterate: you do not need to be a brand photographer to get involved (although I welcome you too). I’m looking for all types, styles, genres. This is about creating an incredibly rich resource and I can only do that with the submissions I have available to me.

OMG! I’m so insanely HONORED to be one of the Forty Brilliant Brand Designers... The amount of love, time and detail you’ve put in to it has not gone unnoticed. This book is magic.
— Angela Mondloch, Saffron Avenue

5. the recognition

You’ll get a lovely logo that you can use on your website or at the bottom of your investment guides. You can shout about it on alllll of your social media channels and it’ll make you feel pretty great too.

Can all Mondays be like this please? The sun is shining and I am BEYOND thrilled to have been selected... It’s been a delightful day of seeing familiar names and discovering new designers. If you need me, I’ll be sneaking off early to celebrate with an espresso martini!
— Becky Lord, Becky Lord Design

6. It’s a great excuse to celebrate!

Let’s face it, when is celebrating your general fabulous ever a bad thing?

Fantastic advice for business owners who are thinking of commissioning a new brand - like how to choose which studio to work with and how much to expect to pay. It’s a real gem and worth getting your hands on.
— Becki Steele, Steele and Stovell

7. you’ll be featured in a book!

If being featured in a book is a bit of a bucket-list thing for you, here’s a great chance. More than simply a PDF of links, this resource will be packed with invaluable content that

Loving the strong sense of community that’s sprouted up around this wonderful project
— Shauna Haider, We Are Branch

8. the community

Working alone can sometimes feel so, well, lonely. Here’s an opportunity to be a part of something truly exciting with kindred spirits. It’s a great chance to make new connections, meet new contacts and create something that’s bigger than the list alone.

Each day I see new faces and have been going through the list and hashtag, following back as many of you as possible.
— Shauna Haider, We Are Branch

Submit your work now!

I know that putting yourself out there can seem really scary, but please don’t be worried. This is about championing as much talent as I possibly can so please, please, please do enter your work so I can share it with the world!

As I’ve said previously, there is no list of people who didn't make it, so if you are worried about whether your work is ‘good enough’ for starters, it probably is, and secondly, you really have nothing to lose. You can enter following this link. I can’t wait to see your work! The closing date is Monday 6 March.

Images: Cecelina Photography