Designing the Retreat Welcome Boxes


Good morning! This morning I thought it might be fun to share a behind-the-scenes moment into the designing of the welcome boxes I sent out for this year's Brand Stylist Retreat.

As you know, I love to think about the details. And I love to think about the things I can do to enhance every experience a client has with The Brand Stylist- whether that's working one to one, attending a workshop or coming on a retreat.

I knew I wanted to do something really special for the guests attending the retreat. Something that would set the tone for what was to come, create some anticipation for the days ahead and most of all, ensure that they were fully prepared for our time together.

Those of you who have run workshops or events in the past will understand the challenge of getting your attendees to come fully prepared! Never an easy task. And yet, to get the most out of our time together, it was essential. A beautiful gift box was a great way of doing this.

It was also a total surprise. And I do love to surprise people.

Inside the box was a welcome book, which contained the itinerary along with the essential information like what to pack (this was definitely taken on board! Did you see the incredible outfits?!!). I also enclosed a copy of The Absolute Essentials of Colour Psychology as I wanted everyone to come with a basic grounding for one of our sessions.

I'd already worked with Sarah Thorne to design the boxes, and for the retreat we used a GF Smith Colorplan Pistachio colour way to create something unique and special. I had just 20 boxes made up - just enough for the guests and the teachers. And here was where I think it got really lovely.

My incredible friend and colleague, Helen Sharland, of bespoke stationery company Cutture suggested we laser cut some palms to sit on the top of the boxes. I mean... Seriously. They look incredible! And they created such an amazing experience for the recipients.

As Helen says, it all adds to the sense of discovery. I deliberately layered things up so that there was a real sense of anticipation on opening the box. You couldn't see everything at once- the biggest things were on the top so that they revealed more surprises underneath (another trick I learned from Cutture). But I have to say, those palms were the absolute crowning glory and have been shared all over the world on instagram!

We used another GF Smith Colorplan paper - this time, Forest Green which has a really gorgeous lush tone to it. It's a great contrast against the pale green and looked wonderful with the white letter underneath.

I wrapped the box in my lovely bespoke translucent wrap and sent it in the mail with love. They were so happily received and I think set us up really well for an amazing retreat together. You can read more about the experience of the very first Brand Stylist Retreat here.