Design for Go Getters student transformations


Good morning lovely people! I'm so excited to be able to share this post with you.

For years and years now, I've been wanting to create a design course that would empower entrepreneurs to up their design game. I've seen too many opportunities missed by communications that just don't do the expertise, talent and skill of the business justice and I wanted to do something about it.

Having launched Design for Go Getters at the tail end of November, right in the middle of the Christmas crush, I'm thrilled to see so many of you getting on board with honing your design skills.

One of the themes that runs throughout the course is practical assignments that encourage the students to put into action one of the principles they've just learned. After each module they'll go back to the same piece of communication and apply their newfound knowledge - both cementing the learning and impacting on their marketing at the same time.

And whilst this is a self-paced class, I do invite students to share their progress. I love to see how you're doing. Last week Kirstie Deane of Ruby and the Wolf and Andri Benson of Always Andri sent me their homework following the first module: layout, and I was blown away! Neither of these ladies have finished the course yet, but just look at the difference already.

Andri Benson's Celebrant Brochure


Andri's celebrant one pager is unquestionably smart. It provides all the necessary information provided to make a decision. But does it engage, excite or connect? Does it capture the essence of what makes Andri quite so brilliant?

Andri is known for having 'a heart of gold'. She's a real people person. Warm, efficient, brilliant. None of this comes across in this text heavy sheet. Thankfully, Andri has created something that's going to make her sales process a whole lot easier.

The transformation of Andri's celebrant brochure

Wow. Just wow. Already Andri's set herself apart from the pack and started to give a glimpse of just how experienced and professional she is.

Love the layout here. Next up, Andri will be working on the second module of the course: typography. There are things I'd like to tweak in the text layout but oh my goodness has she done a great job. Wow.

This page gives breathing space and deepens the connection between Andri and her reader.

Love this image.

And one of Andri doing her thing. Andri's picked a wedding whose colours reflect her brand identity - clever!

I've just picked a few pages but how fantastic does this look? And more importantly, what sort of impact is this going to have on Andri's conversion rate? We've gone from bland to compelling in a snap.

As she completes the course Andri's going to gain real confidence in her work and that will do amazing things for her brand.

'Loving it so far and already seeing how it's helping my design work'  Andri Benson, Always Andri


The Ruby and the Wolf client proposal transformation

By contrast, Kirstie's transformation is a little less dramatic.

Kirstie has a background in marketing and was already sending out communications that looked well ahead of the industry norm. I remember seeing her proposal for my sister's wedding a couple of years ago and it was streets ahead of anything else we were seeing. What I love about this transformation is that with a few subtle tweaks, Kirstie's been able to take her work to the next level.

'I didn't 'hate' my proposals before but your advice in the course has much so much difference to me already. ... I actually felt proud to send out my newly updated proposal for the first time today.'
Kirstie Deane, Ruby and the Wolf

This simple cover sets the tone.

Already looking lovely - in her transformation Kirstie's added in more 'breather' pages as this was already looking great.


There are a couple of things I might tweak about this typographically, but what a lovely page! Green and white - my absolute favourites!

Again, there are a couple of things I might tweak typographically here, but everything is very clear and importantly, in her text Kirstie has really engaged the reader in the benefits of what she's offering with evocative descriptions.


And to the transformation...

As I say, this one is much less dramatic than Andri's but I love the new space around the text. What I also love is that Kirstie has a few new sections in here that set her apart from just the flowers - the brief and colour palette suggest that a design process has taken place here and that's really compelling.

Adore the layout of this. Kirstie's floral style is very light, quirky and natural so her type really works with her brand style.

And I love how she's really drawn out the presentation of each element which will really get the bride on board.

Testimonials are an absolute must have for any client facing sales document.

'I just wanted to write and say how inspired I've been by your course. I love it!!'  Kirstie Deane, Ruby and the Wolf

So there you have it. Two very different transformations, two very clever ladies. Now...

Would you like feedback on your own design work?

These two projects have inspired me to record a very special feedback lesson next week which I'll add into the course curriculum. Those of you already enrolled in Design for Go Getters will be receiving an email from me inviting you to submit your homework assignments for feedback, if you'd like.

If you'd like a critique on your design work from me and you're not already enrolled in Design for Go Getters, you'll need to join the class to get involved. The recording will take place on Wednesday so as long as you submit your work by Tuesday night, I'll include as many of you as I possibly can. I won't be sharing it on the blog - this is an exclusive for Design for Go Getters students only.