Colour Psychology for Creatives


How are you? I'm so excited to be able to share details of the Colour for Creatives workshop I ran in London last week. It was incredible. Exhausting, but fun, super creative, and really rewarding. colour-psychology-workshop-fiona-humberstone-5 We kicked off the day with coffee and informal networking. The space at Brixton East is just so inspirational that it wasn't long before there was a real buzz in the air and plenty of noisy chatter. We had a great mix of students: from graphic, web and interior designers to fashion stylists, photographers, bloggers and florists. There was a wedding planner, a furniture designer and a couple of jewellery designer/ makers: all there with one aim: to understand how they could make their brands feel more like them and communicate with confidence. colour-psychology-workshop-fiona-humberstone-9 colour-psychology-workshop-fiona-humberstone-8 I started by getting them all focused: asking them questions to really identify what it was that made their businesses unique and how they wanted to be perceived by their clients. Interestingly, we also looked at how perceptions might need to change, and that was where some of the lightbulbs started pinging. colour-psychology-workshop-fiona-humberstone-23 There was time for a quick run through of the seasonal personalities before elevenses and it was great to see some of the faces in the room light up as I described each personality and people started to recognise themselves. Naturally after that we were all in need of a little refreshment, so downstairs we trooped for Maddie Hatton's famous elevenses. She had surpassed herself, as I knew she would do. Granola bars, raspberry and almond friends and a very delicious pistachio cake too. A slice of pistachio cake and a very strong coffee set me up nicely for the next session. colour-psychology-workshop-fiona-humberstone-22 colour-psychology-workshop-fiona-humberstone-21 There was a lot of chat over break about what season people felt they were and their businesses should be, and the session between break and lunch was a chance to test that theory. I had planned a very visual demonstration of each season which really helped people not only understand how the personalities translated into certain styles, but also how each season might be mixed with another to create something very unique and personal. colour-psychology-workshop-fiona-humberstone-29 colour-psychology-workshop-fiona-humberstone-26 colour-psychology-workshop-fiona-humberstone-32 We looked very objectively at the season everyone's business should be: using the notes from our focus session at the start of the day to avoid any bias! And then it was time to mood board. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to run a workshop without a mood boarding session, they're such powerful tools aren't they? colour-psychology-workshop-fiona-humberstone-31 colour-psychology-workshop-fiona-humberstone-27 All that creative energy that had been expended needed replenishing of course, and so it was time for a well deserved lunch. colour-psychology-workshop-fiona-humberstone-18 Oh. My. Goodness. The lunch. Lamb cutlets with pomegranate molasses. Chicken in saffron. Salads piled high and delicious breads. I'm not much of a meat eater but Maddie cooks it so well that i just couldn't resist! For pudding there were brownies with fresh berries or (my personal favourite) set mango cheesecake in glasses. Yum. colour-psychology-workshop-fiona-humberstone-35 colour-psychology-workshop-fiona-humberstone-38 colour-psychology-workshop-fiona-humberstone-36 After much mingling, feasting and sharing of ideas it was time to head upstairs for our final session. And this was all about looking at how the seasonal personalities translated through to each individual brand identity as well as exploring how effectively each students was working right now. We looked at how you would pick the right colours for each season as well as identifying tones, textures, patterns and shapes that would send out the right message. colour-psychology-workshop-fiona-humberstone-43 I bravely (or in hindsight, foolishly) decided it would be fun to put myself on the spot and show the students how I put a colour palette together. I had considered pre-preparing but I wanted to do something authentically. Forgetting of course that colour palettes usually take me at least half an hour to put together plus much deliberation. Doing it in a room full of 18 pairs of eyes in five minutes was pressure to say the least, and possibly something I won't do again! You'll have to see how brave I'm feeling. I did think that Louisa had a very lovely colour palette to walk away with, particularly the speed with which it was pulled together. colour-psychology-workshop-fiona-humberstone-1 Finally it was time to make notes, create action plans and prepare for the future. The energy was palpable as the students gathered for cocktails downstairs and it was great to see so many business owners so energised and ready to make things happen. I had worked for the whole of of September on this workshop: putting the content together, creating the handout (which was like a mini book) and liaising with the lovely sponsors for the goody bags. Such a huge amount of energy goes into running a workshop but hearing the feedback, seeing the pennies drop and watching the reaction on social media made it all worthwhile. I'll definitely be running another!

"A fascinating insight into myself and the potential for my business" Caroline Oleron, Cherfold Cottage Flowers

"Very informative and inspiring!" Louisa Slade, Louisa Slade Jewellery


Next workshop: Tuesday 24 March 2015

We had such a blast and I've had so many requests for another workshop that we've booked Brixton East again for another Colour Psychology for Creatives workshop. It'll be held on Tuesday 24th March of next year in London and I promise you much inspiration, creative fun and clarity. Places are limited so do book your place to make sure you get a slot. For a full agenda and details of what you'll gain from the day take a look at this post.


Student blog posts about the day.

I've been pretty blown away by some of the really lovely blog posts that have been written about the day. Here are a few: Loved stylist, writer and lifestyle blogger Sara Delaney's writeup of the day and I loved her photographs even more. Can you believe most of the images in her blog post were taken on a camera phone? Sara is one talented lady.

Emily Quinton's post made me shed tears of joy. What she describes she got from the day is exactly what I'd set out to achieve. Halleluja!

Silkie, thank you for your super lovely post here!

The all important thank you's

colour-psychology-workshop-fiona-humberstone-6 Running a workshop is a huge undertaking. Something that takes months of preparation and is a real team effort, even for a solopreneur like me. None of the day would have been possible without the support of my good friend Rona Wheeldon who arranged the flowers, helped me setup the day before and kept me sane; my sister Emily who is really a GP but rolled her sleeves up and pretended she was a waitress for the day, Emily Quinton for your lovely photographs and my ever supportive and patient husband Pete who made sure I got everything done I needed to. Huge thanks must also go to the sponsors. Fired Earth for your beautiful paints and colour charts for each delegate; Pantone for the notebooks, pens and swatch book; Derwent for the pencils; Rosehip Cards for the gorgeous notebooks and wash tape; Cutture for the distinctive laser cut cards and Dennis Edwards and Zest Flowers at New Covent Garden Market for your generosity with the flowers. Thank you also to Anthropologie for once again supporting the event with your lovely crockery and props which just made everything else sing out. Finally thank you to the students for supporting the event and making the day so special and Maddie Hatton for the delicious food. You really need to write a cookbook... Photography by Emily Quinton