Can you help me find a photographer?


As many of you will know, my wonderful photographer, Katie Spicer, will be having her first baby in February. With that in mind, I'm looking for someone to shoot my workshops and The Brand Stylist retreat in Majorca while Katie is on maternity leave and I would LOVE your recommendations.

Update: Thank you so much for ALL of your amazing recommendations. I'm very happy to say that I have now commissioned a photographer.

I've worked with Katie ever since she shot the first Flowerona Social Media for Florists workshop back in July 2014 at Brixton East. I was absolutely captivated by Katie's eye and have worked with her for almost all of my events ever since. Katie brings light and life to my business and I adore working with her.

Social for Florists in 2014 at Brixton East - adore these colours and the light!

Photographing a workshop can be a tricky thing. The light isn't always great, the students are there to learn, not to be photographed and you need to stay utterly under the radar whilst still getting some brilliant shots. Katie and I have developed a real rapport over the years. She knows the sorts of photographs I'll use and those I won't. She's always looking for the light, bright and white, and the laughter and fun in the room. She's a delight to have at all of the events and I'll really miss her while she's away. She has some very big shoes to fill.

But fill them I must! So... can you recommend anyone to me?

Colour for Creatives June 2016

I'm looking for someone with a style that's light, bright and energetic but that also has a certain amount of grit. I don't want my images to be too ethereal. There's always a balance, I guess, between the light that I crave and the need to show substance.

I'm also looking for someone who'll notice the details that I put so much energy in to creating. The flowers, the table setting, the fashion! All of these things are an integral part of the workshop and I want to celebrate these as much as the learning.

The Brand Brilliance workshop at The Medicine Garden in October 2016. Just look at all that delicious green and white!

The workshop below is another Flowerona workshop, this time, Branding for Florists and as you'd expect, there's an abundance of beautiful blooms in this collection. Capturing images of people having a great time as well as interacting and working is really important here and I would, of course, brief you fully on what I was looking for before the day.

My next workshop will be at Beaverbrook in Surrey in February. It's a really grand, impressive building and a really magical workshop and I want to capture all of the experience of being there.

Finally, the sold-out retreat in Majorca. 22-25 May 2018. I'm looking for someone to join us for the four days and just capture the essence of this incredible place.

Like to work with The Brand Stylist?

If you are a photographer, or know of one, whose work will bring light and life to The Brand Stylist, I'd love to hear from you. Please send me a link to your portfolio, showing me examples of your work that reflect the style I'm looking for.

I'd also love to hear why you feel you're a good fit with my brand and what you feel you'd gain from collaborating with me. Can't wait to hear from you! You can email