brand brilliance, two months on


Can it really be only two months since Brand Brilliance was launched? What a whirlwind it's been! It's only now that I'm starting to take a breath and slow down that I realise just how much I've packed into the last couple of months. A couple of days after the launch party for Brand Brilliance at The Hoxton hotel I jetted off to Majorca for The Brand Stylist Retreat. A glorious week with the students followed by a blissful week with the family took us in to June. Since then, I've been working on a couple of client projects, the launch and sell-out-sensation of the 2018 retreat, the colour workshop with Sophie and the pulling together of my online Colour for Creatives Class.

When you put it like that, it's hardly surprising I've not had time to check in with the book, is it? So how is it doing? And how are you getting on with it?

Well, is the answer. If sales and the feedback you're sharing with me on instagram and email is anything to go by.

Your feedback on Instagram

You guys! Such lovely, lovely things you've shared. And I've adored seeing your copies in far flung corners of the world. Do keep tagging me @thebrand_stylist and also hashtag #brandbrilliancebook so I can see and share.

'The prettiest book I've ever seen.' @thegoldpaperclip

'I am so enjoying this. Beautifully made and full of inspiration' @thehappinessdetective

'Loving the wisdom I've discovered so far in this book' @amarisandwillow

Your reaction on amazon

I'm so proud of this book. It's something I know will benefit so many of you and I'm thrilled with the reviews you've left on amazon so far. Thank you. Here are a couple of my faves...

'a great mix of inspiration, strategy and theory... a go to book for anyone who wants to present their business better. I love it.' Denise Rawls, Hackney Hive

'I spent all weekend reading this book. I quite literally couldn't put it down.' Love Little

'filled with practical wisdom and I had several lightbulb moments too. I am literally considering buying an additional copy so that I can cut out my most important pages and paragraphs and clip them to a board for quicker reference.' Rima

Love this one! Do it, Rima!

Oh, and if that sounds like a subtle prod to leave more reviews, it's meant to be! Please do take a moment to leave your thoughts on or if you get a moment? It really does make such a difference.

In other news...

I am pretty excited to tell you that another thing I've been working on this year is finding a distributor in the States. York Publishing are fabulous to work with over here but we need a presence across the pond. It's not been easy, but I'm thrilled to say that I have found someone and we start working together in September, hurrah! I will update the Books page with details of my distributor (and get a website live for Copper Beech Press) in the Autumn once they have my titles in stock.

That should make it MUCH easier to get hold of copies via Amazon or simply to wholesale in the United States and Canada, which is great news for us both.

On that note... Thank you for all your support with the book so far. It's been utterly phenomenal and I've already ordered the second print run, which should be with us in September. Isn't that amazing? Honestly. Mind. Blown. Thank you.

Preorders and other stories

I absolutely loved pulling together the preorder gift boxes and I adored seeing your reactions to receiving them! It made all those hours wrapping, boxing, packing and shipping so worthwhile.

I can't promise I'll do it again, but a little like childbirth, I'm sure when there's a little more distance created I'll want to ;)

Something that's just been so unexpectedly lovely is how many of you have ordered in bulk for your shops client gifts, giveaways and welcome packs. Thank you! It's been such a pleasure to see the book so well received and to know that it's going to set you guys up for a productive and lovely working relationship is even more rewarding. So lots of love to (amongst many, many others) Libby at AndHobbs, Ashley at Braizen, Krysten at Copper Kettle Co and ZoeLinda Oh, and you can also buy my books in Poland now, which is pretty exciting! Skip over to Noteka store for more...

Over to you: what have you enjoyed most?

There's a lot to take in with Brand Brilliance. It's going to challenge you to think big and it's more like a course in a book, so I think it'll take you a while to work through it, but I'd love to know what you've found most helpful. Personally, I think Chapter Six: Beyond Brilliant is the most game-changing because those are the things that will really and truly elevate your brand. But what did you get most from?