'Boom! You nailed it!' Notes from the Colour Psychology for Interiors Workshop with Sophie Robinson


Hello lovely people! How are you? Since it's Friday, how about we end our week on an absolute colour high with some insights from my last Colour Psychology workshop with Sophie Robinson?

Goodness, it feels like a gazillion years ago we hosted the most uplifting, fun and inspiring workshop at Papermill Studios in London. You'll get a feel for the time of year with the flowers - those autumnal leaves are a bit of a giveaway aren't they? And yet, looking at these images, I'm transported back to a day just buzzing with so much energy and positivity.

This was the second Colour Psychology for Interiors workshops Sophie and I have hosted together and always, we had a blast. I love working with Sophie. She's truly passionate about the life-giving power of colour and talks with such gusto about how to bring colour into your home.

This workshop was all about giving those in the interiors industry and insight into how to use this truly powerful tool to streamline their creative process, make more coherent, cohesive and compelling choices and communicate more effectively with their clients.

We had a real mix of students, from interior designers to bloggers, hoteliers and event stylists as well as product designers and retailers. Each had different objectives for the day, but I guess the real benefit for all of them was a true blast of inspiration and the confidence to bring the colour psychology theory into their creative practice.

We kicked off the morning with an overview of the seasonal personalities by yours truly, followed by a session by Sophie on famous interior designers and their seasonal styles. I always find this bit so fascinating, because Sophie has such a strong handle on the industry and she always inspires me with the examples she chooses and the designers she picks to showcase. I know that for the students, the combination of the seasonal framework with the perspective of real world example means they can really begin to see how it all fits in to place.

Obviously after all that learning, sustenance was needed, Once again, we were treated to some delicious cakes. That's a ginger loaf you see in the background, carrot and walnut (a favourite) and a damp, orange and almond which was the most divine of the lot.

Theory well and truly over, it was time to get practical, and what better than with a real-life brief? We'd asked the students to bring a couple of projects to work on. Crucially, we asked them to look at things from a very different perspective.

Instead of prioritising functionality or the fixed elements in the room, instead we asked our guests to get their clients to focus on how they wanted to feel . Such an under-rated question, but a truly transformative one. This question puts you, the designer, very firmly back in control of the design. Instead of 'working around' a red sofa thats just been bought, for example, you can exercise your creative flair, which is much more satisfying for you and the client.

This section of the day was about identifying which seasonal personality the room should be and then the students created their first mood board of the day. This was a great opportunity to really put this new perspective to work and think outside the box.

Of course, by that point, we'd all worked up quite an appetite...

We were so lucky to once again work with the incredible Saima Khan of Hampstead Kitchen who makes the most incredible food and has now become a dear friend. Saima is half Persian (as am I) so her food has always enchanted me, but I was by no means the only one. Packing an absolute punch in terms of flavour and the most visual feast, it was such a joy to share truly delicious food with the guests.

Tummies full and ready to learn more, we kicked off the afternoon session with Sophie's style surgery. I love this section. I love seeing Sophie in action as a stylist and TV personality and she shared her styling tricks as well as her reasons for including the different objects in each look. Side note... How gorgeous are those cushions?

Next up was yours truly. Time for a session on how to select patterns, textures and tones across each season. I gave the students some shortcuts for selecting coherent choices and for feeling confident in pushing the boundaries within the framework of the personalities.

This is one thing I find really empowering about this process. Once you really immerse yourself in colour psychology, you can apply it to so many disciplines.

When we first launched this workshop, I had a bit of a wobble. After all, I'm not an interior designer. But I felt sure in my gut that we were bringing a very useful theory to a new wave of people in an exciting and really relevant way.

The hundreds of students I've worked with so far have taught me that all of us in creative industries: florists, interior designers, photographers, wedding planners all have a real need to take ownership of our creativity. To empower ourselves within the process. To feel confident in our choices and to be able to communicate that with confidence to our clients.

Colour psychology is such a powerful tool for all this. And despite my feeling that surely it was obvious that a certain brand of paint might be predominantly autumn, for example, or a certain style of ticking might fall into another season, there was a lot of note taking and discussion. Always a good sign.

Back to the studio for our second hands-on project of the day. This is an intensive day and my goodness, we were all jubilant and well-worked by the end of the day. There's something so energising about being in a room with so many talented creatives like this. There's a palpable energy that's hard to beat and one of the reasons I adore working with Sophie.

The mood boards that came out of this session were stunning. Taking their cues from the client brief, and with plenty of encouragement from us to push boundaries and challenge their creativity there were a wealth of gorgeously hued boards to explore.

With our time together drawing to a close, it was with a real sense of celebration we all toasted a fabulous day and our guests headed home. With gorgeous goody bags and heads brimming with ideas.

'Boom! You nailed it!'

Liz Musson

As always, we were ably assisted by the wonderful Stephanie Eastwood, who also put together these delightfully clashing arrangements. Sophie in a vase! These colourful images were shot by the fantastic Katie Spicer.

A truly enlightening and informative course that will open your eyes to the psychology of colour. Not just for interior enthusiasts, it will inspire you to approach your business and brand in a whole new way.

As a retail business we got an enormous amount out of it and cannot recommend it enough.

Suzy, Layered Lounge  

If you fancy joining us on the next workshop, and let's face it, we'll have a blast, Sophie and I are running our next event on 21 June back at Papermill Studios in London. You'll need to be quick though, as we are currently 70% booked. Discover more and book your place via Sophie's website.

Talking of blasts of inspiration, Creative Flair  is also happening in June . More details on what promises to be an incredible event that will ignite your creativity and grow your business right here. Look forward to seeing you at one of the workshops very soon!