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It's been a long time coming, I know, but after almost two years of exclusive, intimate workshops and retreats, I'm thrilled to announce that I'm back with a really exciting workshop. It's outside of London, as many of you have requested, and I've found the most beautiful venue that can generously seat more of you so we'll have a truly uplifting event buzzing with inspirational creatives. The Creative Flair workshop will show you how to generate a buzz, build momentum and clarify your unique style, aesthetic and vision.

'I feel so empowered.' Joanna Cairns, Twisted Willow

It will help you build your business, elevate your offering and build your confidence in what you do.

It'll also make work a pleasure. Hands up if somewhere along the line, a very small part of your creativity has been lost in amongst your very real need to keep your clients happy? If you feel that your business has shifted too far in the direction of being at the mercy of your clients' demands rather than creating your best work in the spirit of inspiration, it's a sign you need to get back to your roots.

If you've lost your spark, your creative confidence and your vision then it's time to rediscover your creative flair.

If you're truly to realise the potential within yourself and your business, you need to stand out. And that means that you need to do more than great work. You need to be distinctive. You need more than a remarkable brand identity: you need the freedom and courage to do extraordinary work and have the ability to share that vision with conviction online. You need to be inspired.

I've always passionately believed that finding and championing your creative style has to be at the heart of every successful creative business. I've seen it time and again from those at the top of their game. And I've listened with empathy to every entrepreneur struggling to cut through, break away from the grind and charge what they're really worth.

I'm feeling empowered, strong and relaxed! Elle Winsor Grime

This workshop is my way of putting the power back in your hands. It's my answer to every single one of you who feels deep in their gut that there has to be a better way, but has struggled to break out alone. The world is changing. Success is no longer about who has the smartest London office or the most prominent shop on the busiest high street.

Social media means that you can create a business that fulfils all of your dreams from your kitchen table or garden studio: but you need to have Creative Flair to do that.

The Creative Flair Workshop

I have two incredible days planned for us in an enchanting walled garden in God's Own Country, Yorkshire. On Day One, we'll define your magic. We'll rediscover your creative edge and reignite your inspiration. You'll leave the day with a freshly curated portfolio and a clear understanding of your unique creative style.

Day Two is all about giving you the tools to win the right work. It's important to me that when you leave, you have the confidence to get out there and start dazzling your dream clients whilst feeling that you can say no to projects that drain your energy and sap your confidence with your head held high.

Through almost two decades in this industry, I've developed a range of tools for converting the right clients whilst elegantly filtering out those who aren't a good fit. For presenting your work with flair and style, and for building a momentum and buzz around what you do.

an inspiring and brilliant couple of days. diane pinchbeck

I can't tell you how excited I am to be launching this event. As with all of my workshops, there will be plenty of delicious food, indulgent cocktails and some beautiful goodies I'm designing especially for Creative Flair.

This workshop has the potential to transform your business. If you really want to stand out, lift your business head and shoulders above everyone else in your industry and finally free yourself from competing on price, you need to be here. Now, who's in?