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"If you’re about to embark on any re-branding or website set up – I can’t recommend this course highly enough for pulling your focus together." Sara Delaney, Notes by a Stylist "Amazing. I learned so much, 3 days later and my head is still spinning with the possibilities that opened up." Linda Leunissen, Dutches

"A wonderful experience" Helen Stewart, Curious Handmade

Are you ready for a day of creative fun, networking and learning? Hurrah! Because I'm delighted to announce the date for the next workshop. UPDATE we are now 50% 60% 70 80 90 95% full. SOLD OUT! This course will sell out so if you're thinking of joining us, do sign up sooner rather than later.

Colour Psychology for Creatives, London, Thursday 12th November


A creative, inspirational and incredibly useful introduction into how to use Colour Psychology to gain a deeper understanding of your brand, communicate more effectively and produce more powerful work.

Colour Psychology is something that every creative business owner should have in their toolkit. It’s game changing.


  • Untangle your brief, find your focus and get your next project off the ground.
  • Translate your artistic or creative style into tangible design elements for your website or blog
  • Evaluate creative work more objectively, efficiently and harmoniously.
  • Create an emotional connection with your customers or readers and grow your business.
  • Use colour to communicate more powerfully.
  • Gain a deeper insight into your brand and communicate with clarity and confidence
  • Discover why you're drawn to certain colours, shapes and fonts and how to use this to your advantage for your business
  • Create a mood board with flair and intention


Thinking of revamping your website, creating a more distinctive social media presence or having a new logo designed? What you learn will give you a deeper understanding of your brand so that you can identify the fonts, colours, illustrative styles and patterns that will work for your business.

Struggling to find your distinctive style? Whether you’re an artist or florist, a garden, interior or graphic designer you’ll find everything falls into place after you’ve taken this class. It’ll be easier to streamline your portfolio, work out what makes you unique and communicate in a way that’s irresistible to your ideal clients.

Perhaps you’re a designer working hard to find your place in an overcrowded market? This class will enable you to really capture the essence of your clients’ business or brief and create work that resonates.


Agenda: Informative, Inspirational, Fun!

9.15: Registration, tea and coffee and mingling with your fellow students

9.35: Welcome, introductions, course aims and objectives

10:00: The Absolute Essentials of Colour Psychology. A visual and thoroughly inspirational introduction into this fascinating subject with real life examples of the seasons in action and group exercises to help you cement your learning.

10.40: Focus: a chance to identify the season that best reflects your business and identify what you'd like to be known for.


11.15: Elevenses. Maddie Hatton’s famous elevenses. I’m still dreaming about her last cakes…

11.35: The colours and their meanings. Putting together a powerful palette and how you can use colour to support your brand message. Group exercises to help you identify how each tone and texture fits into each season.

12.15: Fonts, patterns, textures and tones: how to bring out the best bits of your seasonal personality through your brand identity.

13.15: Lunch. Healthy, wholesome, colourful and full of flavour. Need I say more?


14.15: Mood boarding with flair and intention We will be joined by professional mood-boarder and trend forecaster Gudy Herder who will be showing us how to Mood Board like a Pro. You'll leave with a mood board that captures the essence of your business brand and acts as a jumping off point for your next website or brand identity.

16.00: Evaluating your current website and brand identity. A practical session to help you understand what’s working and what needs to change in order to maximise your potential. If you’re still at the startup stage this is your chance to really identify what you need your new brand identity to do and how you’ll get there.

16.30: Your personal actions, wrap up and close. A chance for you to set yourself clear tasks following on from the day that you’re fired up to make happen when you get back to your desk.

17:00: Cocktails! Optional cocktails and mocktails with your classmates. A chance to network, swap ideas and ask me questions informally before you head home.

What my students say


"...Life changing! 

There's a part of me that doesn't want to tell anyone about it, so that I can keep all this new, wonderful, insightful and down right inspiring knowledge to myself and there's another part of me that wants to shout about it, so that you all sign-up for Fiona's amazing workshop and change your life too!" Emily Quinton, Makelight

"I came home brimming full of new found knowledge, clarity and determination. In fact I came home feeling totally reinvigorated and full of creative drive. And I really needed that!"  Silkie, Rosehip Cards


"An inspiring day, fun, friendly and thought provoking. After the workshop, I looked at my website and wondered what on earth was I thinking when I designed it three years ago – it doesn’t say much about the autumn (with a bit of spring) florist I so obviously am! Suffice to say, work is now in progress to inject the person behind The White Horse Flower Co.into my brand. Watch this space! Thanks Fiona it was fascinating." Lindsey Kitchin, White Horse Flower Co

“Working with Fiona has been transformative for our business. She’s helped us to harness our creativity, uncover new levels of talent that we didn’t know we had, and channel it all into our branding process in a thoughtful and considered way. Thanks to Fiona we have processes in place now which have made it much easier to sell our creative work, and attract the clients we want to be working with. Would I recommend her? Absolutely.”  Hannah Griffin, Ditto


  • Creative entrepreneurs: Gain clarity around your creative style, find your focus and gain momentum.
  • Bloggers: Create a more distinctive look for your blog, be more discerning with your content, stand out and create traction.
  • Design professionals: Shortcut your design process, pull together the ‘right’ elements faster and make your clients happier.



  • To be able to identify which season (or combination of seasons) best supports your business.
  • A clear understanding of the styles of pattern, shapes, textures and photographic style that will work for your brand.
  • The key colours that will support your brand messages and help you create a distinctive presence.
  • An insight into how you can incorporate colour psychology into your own creative process to help you work more efficiently.
  • Clarity around what’s working for you in your current brand identity and website those which need your attention.
  • An understanding of what you need to do next to get your brand identity and website working for you.



I’ve hired the thoroughly inspirational and light filled Brixton East which is on both mainline and underground trainlines and I know you’ll just love it.

To book your place, sign up quickly and securely via PayPal. This workshop is now sold out. To join the next one please sign up to the newsletter to be kept up to date with new workshops and dates.

Places are limited and I anticipate this class selling out so please book early to avoid disappointment. I look forward to seeing you there!

You’ll find the terms and conditions here. Photography by the wonderful Matt Pereira. Did you see the photos and lovely feedback from my first Colour Psychology for Creatives workshop in London? And my second workshop here...