The How to Style Your Brand Blog Tour


Where do I start? What an incredible week it's been. Thank you so much for making How to Style Your Brand a number one bestseller. Seriously, I am beside myself with excitement, and more than that, utterly blown away by your reviews, emails and instagram comments. Many happy tears have been shed this week, let me tell you. Next week is the official blog tour and launch party and I can't wait!

Blog Tour


We kick off, very appropriately, with Braizen on Monday and I'm so excited. I've been a fan of Braizen's creative, innovative and distinctive work for some time now and they feature a lot in the book. They have some gorgeous projects in there (frankly, I could have featured every one of the ten projects they sent me but I restrained myself to six!) as well as a number of shots of their inspirational studio space. It seemed only right to start things off with them.

What I hadn't expected, when I started out on this journey, was just how lovely, supportive and encouraging they would be. They are almost as excited about the book as I am, have been super responsive and, a real pleasure to work with. I'm working with them right now on a client project and their customer service skills are just as on point as their design. #highlyrecommended.

Allison Sadler

On Tuesday the wonderfully colourful Allison Sadler of The People Shop will pick up the blog tour baton. If you haven't come across Allison before, my goodness you are in for a treat! Her makeitsewcial hashtag is an absolute essential activity for anyone in the maker community and her instagram feed is beautiful. Colourful, full of light and sheer happiness. I can't wait to see what she does!

We Are Branch

Wednesday we hop back over the pond to Shauna Haider (aka Nubby Twiglet)'s blog. Oh my goodness. Another absolute brand goddess who has reduced me to happy tears with her loveliness. I've blogged before about how intimidating I found it designing something that would do justice to all of the designers in the book - well I really needn't have worried. With people as lovely as Shauna and Ashley at Braizen cheering me on (as well as many, many more of the designers in the book) slowly and surely my confidence grew.

Anyway, enough about me. Shauna's work is just beautiful. Timeless, sophisticated and utterly compelling, her work for Olivine Atelier work is featured in the colour psychology section. Shauna is one of the co-founders of the hugely popular Blogacademy - seriously, check out their video, I really want to take one of their classes!

Little Shop of Brands

Thursday is a hop, skip and a jump back over here to the Little Shop of Brands, co founded by the lovely Lizzie Owen who has been doing a sterling job helping me gain press coverage for the book. Little Shop of Brands is a boutique agency that offers photography, design, illustration and PR so I'm looking forward to seeing their take on the book. Excitingly, many of co-founder Meg's shots of Lizzie's studio feature in the book so they are a very stylish pair!


On Friday Create, creators of ecommerce websites and champions of small businesses will be rounding off the week. Create have a really innovative approach to creating your own website: you literally build your own from scratch using their software which for the creatively inclined gives you lots of freedom without needing to understand the technical elements.


Finally the lovely Rona Wheeldon, my friend and founder of the Flowerona blog will be putting her flowery take on my book on Tuesday (Monday is a bank holiday in the UK). Rona was one of my five proof readers so she knows the content pretty well but it was seriously lacking in pictures when she last saw it so I'm really looking forward to seeing what she thinks of the book! As well as being a floral industry expert Rona and I run workshops for florists together so I know she'll be thinking very much in terms of how the book might help florists.

Do also follow along with my weekly series for Hiscox where I'll be kicking off a five week in-depth brand series on Monday.

By the way... If you write a blog post please do let me know so that I can link to it. My plan is to create a post or page that links to all of them. I would also be soooo grateful if you'd leave an Amazon review - they really do make such a difference (as well as generally making me cry happy tears).

Have a great weekend!