Behind the scenes at Number Sixteen

Fiona - La's House 1 LR-5401.jpg

My goodness, where does the time go to? I’ll admit, I’ve been a little sidetracked with the 40 Brilliant Brand Designers of late but I couldn’t let another day go by without sharing a behind the scenes peek at this shoot we worked on a couple of months ago. Enjoy!

On a very grey, cloudy, February day we had a thoroughly inspirational time filming and shooting for my two upcoming online courses: Brand Vision and Creative Direction. Like my other courses, I’d planned to host the shoot in my home, but when I visited La Conroy’s home I was utterly blown away and immediately begged her to fit us in at the last minute. Well, reader, she did. Her home is epic and I’m utterly thrilled with the results. Images by the ever-talented Katie Spicer.

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La and her husband have created the most mindblowingly gorgeous home on the plot of an old bungalow in Wimbledon Village. Set over four floors, this is no ordinary suburban home. Inside you’ll find a pool, beanbag basement, grand staircase and of course, a pyjama lounge - because who doesn’t need one of those?

The decor is sublime, just the right mix of luxe and simplicity for me. It feels modern, light filled and contemporary without being harsh or cold and I really love La’s attention to detail at every turn. Aside from unwrapping a few blooms, I really didn’t need to do anything to style it.

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Brand Vision and Creative Direction will be my fifth and sixth online courses respectively and I was ready to make some changes. You know me by now, always looking to refine and elevate what I do and I wanted to take the experiences of these classes to the next level.

I’m so happy with the classes so far. I love that they really encourage you to think independently, refine your process and elevate your own brand. I’m also conscious that it’s no fun for me or for you if things stay static. Evolution is a big thing for me, and so I was thrilled to have this incredible home as the backdrop for the day.

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We were pretty ambitious. Two online courses to photograph and produce videos for in a day was a tall order, but with a bit of forward planning and a talented, motivated team on the day, we got it done!

The lovely team at HD Moments will be producing the videos this time. I really love their work and am so looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

Fiona - La's House 1 LR-5749.jpg

This is one of my favourite shots from the whole day. LA didn’t just lend us her lovely home, she was amazing on the day. This shot was something she noticed - the shoes, the tulle - love it! A moment of calm in a super-charged day!

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As ever, there was delicious food to sustain us, this time courtesy of Messrs Waitrose and Gail’s Bakery rather than my kitchen…

Fiona - La's House 1 LR-5645.jpg

Filming in winter is always a challenge for me. I love green and there was no green outside - there’s very little in my garden either… So we had to get creative with the angles and I think with the styling in the foreground and the glorious light, it really works.

I’m so excited about getting these classes out to you. My aim is to launch Brand Vision by the end of the month, which feels more and more ambitious as the weeks go on. I have a decent amount to work on, but with the right focus, I really think we can get there. What do you think?