Audenza: celebrating their brilliance and elevating their brand


Good morning lovelies! Two posts in a week. Anyone would think I had a little more time or something... I'm thrilled to share with you the story of three fiercely stylish women today. Of a brand that was just waiting to emerge, butterfly-like, from it's original incarnation to one that truly reflects what makes this company so special and gives them wings (if you'll allow me to extend the analogy) to grow.

Audenza is the brand new name for Mia Fleur: an interiors company you may well be familiar with. Mia Fleur have been established for around five years now and you won't be surprised to learn, from the name and the look of the original brand identity, that they used to sell vintage, upcycled furniture.

The starting point

Here's how their website looked a few months back.


When the girls first approached me I could immediately see a disconnect between their grey logo: which felt like it was sucking the lifeblood out of their website and the bold, colourful products they were selling. We knew we wanted to give the brand a refresh. The company has evolved so much that the old identity, which served them so well for so long, was no longer reflective of what made them special and I could see it was holding them back.

I also felt that the name wasn't quite right- something that the girls had felt for years but hadn't had the confidence to change. It was perfect for a company selling painted furniture, but just didn't sit so well with the zebra head vases! Time to move on.

Finding that thing that made the company uniquely different was a challenge. Because once you start to look, the more you'll find that's similar. We took a two pronged attack. The first was to define exactly what it was within their product range that really encapsulated their approach and felt on brand for where they are at today.

Secondly, we looked at those companies who were excruciatingly close and looked at how we were unique. At precisely what our audience loved about our fresh approach and how we could build on that. It seems so easy, so obvious now, but it took some work, I can assure you!

Finding their focus

Looking at the fabulous range of products and also the girls themselves (mother and two daughters) the brand strapline came clearly in to focus for me:

For the fabulous and fearless.

I didn't know whether we wanted to use it in its entirety at that point, but I knew that it was a great internal focus. This was exactly what we were selling and also gave us a great focus to then get rid of the products that weren't working. Which to their credit, the girls did in an instant.

When you're holding stock it's so tempting to keep everything on there - even the things that aren't selling. But the truth is that you need to be brave. Edit to amplify, as the wise Cath Kidston once said.

We explored what the brand is, and what the brand isn't and that gives the company plenty of scope to grow whilst staying true to what makes them, them. From that, emerged the vision for the brand identity.

The vision

Here's my mood board. I wanted to go with a really stylish, elegant and sophisticated look and one that would stand the test of time. A really stripped back identity that would put the products centrestage and ensure that the whole thing felt very confident and together.

When you sell bold, slightly eccentric and totally fabulous products as they do, the temptation is to go with the more is more approach. In my opinion that's the worst thing you can do. The whole thing ends up feeling like a circus and undermines your expert eye and your vision.

So I was hoping for more simplicity. A bit like this collection of logos...

The new logo

So here's what Caz of Making Waves came up with. Pretty fabulous huh? She nailed it straight away which I think was very impressive!

And a stunning new website design

And here's the website design. Strong, simple and impactful.

Oh and the name. I should mention the name. The girls brainstormed so many options and Audenza stood out from the get-go. Bold, stylish, elegant and absolutely perfect.

Audenza is derived from Latin, meaning to be audacious, daring, bold or courageous.  Which is exactly how we feel you should approach decorating your home.

Audenza launched this week and I'm truly excited to see what the future holds for them. Their focus has been pulled together, their brand is pulling in the same direction as their phenomenal product line and they have an elevated identity that truly reflects what makes their brand brilliant. I'm expecting serious growth!