A distributor in the States!


Excuse me while I do a little celebratory dance... It's been a very long time coming but I am thrilled to announce that The Brand Stylist books are now under distribution by Thomson Shore in the USA. What does that mean for you? Essentially it means that if you're one of my lovely, loyal supporters in the States that you'll find it even easier and more cost effective to get hold of my books. They are now distributed by my partners over the pond, Thomson Shore, so you should find availability on Amazon improves. And more excitingly, that if you'd like to buy wholesale, maybe as client gifts or in your shop, that it gets a whole lot more cost effective.

As an independent self-publisher this feels like a major milestone. I've written lots about the renegade nature of what I do. About how difficult the trad publishing industry is to navigate and how frustrating it's been for me to realise the potential in these books.


I've just printed the 30,000th copy of How to Style your Brand; it's still number one on Amazon in the UK (Thank You, lovely people) and yet I really feel as though we haven't even begun to tap into what's possible in the States.

I can't say I'm not a little terrified. I've hear scare stories of the ruthless returns rate in the States. Of over-investment in print runs that you're never paid for because the booksellers send them all back before you get a chance to invoice. And you pay for the pleasure of that restocking. Goodness.

But I know I'm in safe hands with Thomson Shore and they assure me that we have measures in place to negate that. Let's hope so, huh?

Fiona Book Launch-30.jpg
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Fiona Book Launch-3.jpg

So can we have a little celebration today. Another win for the renegade self-publisher. One step closer to realising the true potential within these books of gorgeousness and the opportunity to spread the word farther and wider than before. It's a truly exciting day.