An exciting announcement about the Colour for Creatives Workshop!


With the Colour for Creatives workshop just a few weeks away now, preparations are in full swing to make the day super-fabulous. Handouts are being primped and preened, treats sourced and very soon I'll be plotting and planning with our chef, Maddie Hatton, who'll be creating an absolute feast for the students. There are now just a handful of places remaining and I can't wait to spend the day with such a vibrant and creative bunch (as well as a couple of self-confessed non-creatives who I just know are going to love immersing themselves in colour and drawing out their creative side). Unknown


Introducing a bonus session!

Now all of this would be exciting enough... But I'm thrilled to announce that trend expert and professional mood boarder, Gudy Herder, who writes the popular blog, Eclectic Trends is going to be flying over from Barcelona to teach us about creating a knockout mood board.

Gudy Herder Mood Boarding

I'd planned on us mood boarding after elevenses anyway, and so I know that the techniques we learn in Gudy's session will help not only generate that clarity of thinking that a mood board also brings, that they will also look beautiful too!


As someone who has been entirely self taught, I'm really looking forward to Gudy teaching us some of her secrets. I'll be the first to admit that there is something very breathtaking in Gudy's mood boards, and if I can just gain a smidgen of knowledge from her I'll be a very happy lady. So those of you that are already booked, I hope that you'll love this extra bonus! We'll still achieve everything in the time that I'd planned to, and you'll benefit from the added bonus of learning from a professional about what it takes to create a really distinctive mood board. Hurrah!


Image credits:Image of Gudy: Emily Quinton. Mood boards: Gudy Herder.