A subtle but powerful change for Sara Tasker

Good morning, lovely people! I'm so excited to share this post with you because that means that as you read this  the podcast with Sara Tasker will have gone live. Sara is the overwhelmingly popular and supremely talented photographer and blogger behind Me and Orla. A beautiful lifestyle and creative brand. I adore Sara's work. Like many of you, I love her raw honesty, her simple and gentle creativity and the way she writes as if you're sat in your PJ's with her chilling on a Sunday. She's an exceptionally talented lady who as well as creating gorgeous work, also teaches others how to build their own Instagram followings. Sara has been podcasting for a while now and I was honoured to have been asked to be a guest on her show.


Images: all by Sara Tasker from the Me and Orla instagram

We had a great chat. There were a lot of giggles, mostly from me, and we talked a lot about branding your business. About the challenges of removing yourself from your brand - especially when what you do is so incredibly aligned with your personal life. And we also talked a lot about colour psychology.

Sara has recently rebranded and her designer has done an incredible job. Her delicate, sweet and hand rendered logo fits perfectly with Sara's very distinctive aesthetic. It's whimsical and natural with just the right blend of steel underneath. Sara has a very sharp and focused commercial mind and her brand identity communicates that really beautifully.

The Me and Orla seasonal personality

Sara asked me what season I thought Me and Orla is, based on what I knew about her business. I'm usually so reluctant to do this, because in my experience, often what I see may not match up with what the entrepreneur would like me to see and it all gets a bit embarrassing. I much prefer to start from a point of what message is intended and then explore the elements that support that and those that distract.

But Sara has a beautifully designed blog and a very clear aesthetic, so we went for it!

Here's her blog as it was as we spoke. What season do you think her brand is?

Sidenote: I was kicking myself for not screen shotting her website before she changed it. Thanks to the magic of the inter web, I've managed to chase down a rough representation of the site as it was mid September. That site is the Internet Time Machine - lots of fun and quite mortifying to look up your own designs ;)

There's a coolness and a slight distance to her photography style, so that immediately discounts spring or autumn as they are warm seasons. The black in the type and the very naturalness in Sara's photography were the thing that were foxing me,

There's a softness and gentleness to Sara and her work which belies much of winter. But, she's also very commercially minded and focused, so it was always going to be a combination of both seasons.

Sara mentioned that she often feels that her website isn't 'done' and my suspicion was that this might be to do with a subconscious feeling around the discord created between the black type and the softness in her photography. I suggested she knock back the colour to around 80-90% black, which I suspect is what her designer had used in her logo and that this would harmonise much more.

A very small but subtle shift


Sara switched out her 'black' for grey that afternoon and I love how it's subtly but so powerfully switched how the site feels. The space and the typography still keep the site feeling aspirational and confident, but they grey sits better with her art now. It's really, really subtle but I love it. I think it works! What do you think?

If you'd like to listen to Sara's Hashtag Authentic podcast with me, you'll find it right here. Enjoy! And please do let me know what you think.