A note on the resources


On this blog you'll find a wealth of resources that I hope you'll enjoy using to brand your business. The feedback from you has been overwhelming and I'm thrilled that you love them! If you're a designer or part of a design agency you're very welcome to use these resources for gaining clarity in branding your own business, but please note that they are protected by copyright. That means that you may not reproduce them to promote your business.

Using my questions, structure or phrasing and presenting them as your own work - whether you change a couple of words, swap out a question or two or put the workbooks into your own brand style is breaching this copyright.


Instead of creating something similar, ask yourself: Why is what you're reading resonating? How does this relate to your unique business, voice and client base?

Really think about specifics here. What are your clients challenges and how do you help them meet them?

Think about what motivates you and the strengths within your team. What comes naturally to you? What do you want to be known for?

Think about your voice. What sorts of things do you say when you're face to face with a client? How do you speak?

Be a voice, not an echo. Create a business on your terms. Dream big about where you want to be, what inspires you and who you want to be working with. I'd love you to continue to take inspiration from The Brand Stylist blog and my books and I look forward to seeing you blaze your own trail.