a new video series... inspired by...


Good afternoon lovely people!

As we start to wind down towards the Big Holiday, I'm finally getting a chance to tick off some of my wish lists for this term. Online course launched? Check. Videos created - finally checked! I'm very excited to announce the launch of the first in a series (and I use this term immensely loosely) on the things that inspire me.

Those of you who've already started Design for Go Getters will hopefully have been inspired by the beautiful video Duncan and I put together on finding inspiration in your every day. And I hope it's encouraged you to start looking at what comes through your front door a little differently.

Last weekend I was at the very beautiful Neptune Home in Farnham, Surrey, and I picked up their Stories magazine. Have you seen it? It's an absolute masterclass in graphic design and I wanted to share some of my favourite things about it with you.

Now... It doesn't have the same production values as my professional course videos created by the lovely Duncan McCabe. There's no lighting, no hair, no makeup. Just me and my camera waxing lyrical about something I've found super-gorgeous.

But it's real, it's honest and I hope you enjoy it!

Inspired by Neptune Stories